1. RainbowGrenade

    MZ Tile & Character Edits

    08/31/20: Added bridge and pipe character sets. Edit: Also added a short pillar char set Attribution: Just credit Kadokawa. If you feel like it, you can credit me, but I don't mind either way. Free for all the things. The sets that have MV parts will be noted as such. You can only use them if...
  2. Tw0Face

    RMVXA Colors of Damnation ACE

    Colors of Damnation ACE is a 2D-shooter, developed by me and my brother, which is basically about shooting different colored enemies with the right colored bullet. A race against time, where you can also use and combine items to make things easier or collect bombs to blow your enemies away. You...
  3. tale

    Trb - TextColor (Hex Color Code)

    TextColor - Version 1.00 Creator name: Trb Overview A plugin that allows text color to be selected from Hex Color Code. Features - It allows you to define the color code with #000000~#ffffff by using the control character \c[ ] - For more detail, please search "color hex code" online...
  4. IronRifle64

    Ent Boss Sprite

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: Ace Art Style: XP Description:  I'm looking for an overworld boss sprite for a giant, evil, dead tree. It has an evil, chilling face, and moves by lifting it's roots. Reference Images: Similar to this boss, from Terraria. The area you fight...
  5. Azmor

    Pixel Art Critique

    Good day, I'm asking for some critique. What can I make better, what is good, etc. pp. Go hard on me.  ;)
  6. Tsukihime

    Window Background Colors

    By default, RPG Maker’s window colors are determined by two things 1. The windowskin file called “Window” in the img/system folder 2. A standard background opacity defined in the code So for example, the default windows are dark colored with a semi-transparent opacity. However, what if...
  7. Mr. Trivel

    Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges Created: 2016-03-23 Version: 1.2   What does it do? Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.   Gif:   How to use? Set up plugin parameters and done.   Plugin: <Link: Github>...
  8. EonRising

    Is it possible to make part of one generator part match the color of something else in another?

    I know that title is kind of confusing without context so lemme explain! I'm currently in the middle of making assets to create an anthropomorphic snake, and it's coming out really well so far (I've only done the face images, not the movement sprites yet). Anyways, I currently have two...
  9. ShawnBaxe

    Adjustable Command Window and Text Colors

    Hey everyone, thought I'd share a couple of minor plugins I wrote for my project. Really nothing special, but perhaps useful for some of you. The first one is my Adjustable Commands Window plugin. It allows you to customize certain aspects of the command window on your title screen. Not too...
  10. Is there a way to add more colors to the Character Generator?

    Hello, everyone! I was curious if anyone knows a way to add colors to the Character Generator. For example, I want to give one of my characters white eyes, to indicate that they're blind, and I want it to show in the sprite as well, but the generator doesn't have a white color for eyes, or any...
  11. SilverDash

    Silvers Event Text

    Script is discontinued and outdated. Use Mog's instead: >Download here< Script Name: Event Text v1.10 Author: Squirting Elephant About: Attaches custom text to events. Features: Script: Download v1.10 Download Master Demo Old Versions: The latest version may prevent the game from...
  12. Christmas hats for everyone~

    Just sharing christmas hats with everyone. Normal hat, Bell version, and color changing if you want to. RPG Maker MV Exclusive. Commercial/Non-commercial: Allowed, but credit Ike. Please link back and don't repost. Santa's Suit can be found on the first MV update package made by Degica's...
  13. Converting graphics into 256 color

    Hi, so I figured out how to convert my graphics into 256 color, but a lot of the colors change too drastically. I tested it with the premade graphics and their faces turn green when I turn them into 256 color, but aren't they supposed to already be in 256 color? All the skin color is either...
  14. Jeremy Cannady

    Equipment Rarity Colors

    EquipmentRarityColors.js v1.2 DownloadLink v1.2 http://pastebin.com/BjyHr2kD 11/1/15 11:45 AM Central :I have updated the script to allow you to change the colors in the plugin window. Let me know if there are any bugs please Jeremy Cannady Introduction Simple script to change the items...
  15. Changing the color of the battle menu text

    Hello, I'm using the following scripts  YEZ Core Fixes and Upgrades YEZ Battle Engine Zealous Yanfly Engine RD - Custom Battle Actions YEZ Menu System Options . The only thing I'm trying to do is change the color of the text of the battle menu  i.e Attack            Attack Style    into  ...

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