1. MarxMayhem

    [MV] Increase/Decrease Columns for Skills

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right place... In my game, I use a higher resolution than the MV default. As a result, there's a lot of vacant space in the Skills option with the default 2 columns. My request is to have an increased column count (at least 3) so the UI feels more compact and, if...
  2. RoseofElandil

    Change size of skill window in battle

    Hi guys, hopefully this is not in the wrong forum... I've enlarged the window for my VX Ace game, but unfortunately the skill window have not resized with the enlargement. I was wondering if there's a code I have to edit to make it resize so that the 2 columns of all skill lists in battle are...
  3. Runako

    Choices - Rows and Columns

    Good morning (or night to some) :kaoangry: This sounds simple, but I really don't know the full dynamics of the programming. I'm looking for a plugin that allows Choices to be seen in different rows and columns. Ideally, the user can change the amount of columns that the players can see for the...
  4. Mooshry

    Row Battle System

    Hello. I need a Lane/Row battle system for one of my many, MANY, games. Basically, i need a battle system that lets you change the formation of characters every turn, by using a move command which would move to any column/lane if a character is not occupying that space. And the monsters would...

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