combat bust

  1. Anyone

    Blinking Actor Picture (Moghunter's ActorPictureCM)

    I've been at this for probably over 10 hours and still have no idea why this isn't working, so I figure I could use some help from a more experienced coder. The idea: I'm trying to get the blink function in Moghunter's ActorPictureCM to work. This will by default, ever now and then, overlay the...
  2. Cherbie517

    Bust-Based combat (Replace sprites with busts) RPG Maker MV

    I'm creating a game that is mainly focused on dialogue, but I want to have combat that basically a cheap re-skin of battle as is. I've renamed all the mechanics and attacks, but I want to display a sprite's associates bust instead of the sprite itself. The plugin will need to: re-skin all...

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