combat design

  1. LordNPC

    Multiple Attack Options

    I'm making a game where the characters can be equipped with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, similar to a handful of games in the Megami Tensei series; Devil Summoner, Strange Journey, and Shin Megami Tensei IV to name a few. I want each party member to have two generic attack options, a...
  2. anonshin

    Combine multiple skills in one

    Hi makers.:ahappy: I'm thinking about a combact system for my game. That's my idea: the character is a mage(for example) there are 3 skill type 1) the spell/shot type 2)the element of the spell 3) various buff and debuff The final skill will be the result of these choices. Is there a...
  3. CluelessCat

    Is it possible to make a check type system?

    I had this idea for combat where you could "check" an enemy, and once you do you unlock some attack for that enemy. Would that be possible for mv without having to know a ton of coding?
  4. The Real Sye

    Use One Skill to Execute Multiple Chosen Skills

    Howdy! My question is simple: Is it possible to have a single skill execute multiple skills that the player selects, dynamically? For the sake of an example, setting a couple definitions for this purpose: Multi-execute skill can be called "Combo" There exists Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3, Skill...
  5. marbeltoast

    Changing weapons mid battle

    Hello! I'd like to give the player the option to change which weapon they are using during a battle. There is a large number of different weapons in my game, and at any time, the player could have all of them, none of them, or any combination therein. The player can always use any weapon...
  6. Soryuju

    Controlling Combat Complexity

    "Simple but deep" is a common paradigm of good combat systems in RPGs. We want mechanics which afford players plenty of opportunities to make meaningful decisions, but we don't want to overwhelm them with heaps of different rules to memorize, especially early on. (This applies to the...
  7. Increase enemy battler size margins in traditional battle.

    hi to everyone, English is not my main lenguaje, I will try to make an effort to describe my problem the best I can. This is my first post so, I hope I'm doing things right. well my question goes to, how to expand the enemy battlers margins, I'm using 1280 x 720 resolution, but I cant put an...
  8. Miropepo

    RMMV Combat mechanics and qtes

    Ok so hopefully I'm posting this in the right thread this time haha. So I've been working on ideas and concepts for years now. And now I wanted to share a vid I made of the combat for a game I've been working on, which is inspired by one of my favorite rpgs Paper Mario. The combat uses both...
  9. controllerjar

    Visual Novel/Rpg games?(rpg like combat)

    So i heard that there where Visual novels that have some rpg mechanics in them,like batteling enemies for like you do normaly in rpg's.With the release of Visual novel maker i am would be interested to trying out something like that myself,couldn't find a exsample of a visual novel like this...
  10. Kuro DCupu

    Versatile combat style and equipment slot

    Ever like the idea of using bow to slap your enemy? Using sword as throwing weapon? Or dual wield shields as your main melee weapon? That might sounds silly yet interesting, right? Your standard equip slot feels restricting. Warrior are too proud to wield dagger, Mage are too dumb to use sword...
  11. XxThetisxX

    Battle Script and Menu Hud (Resident Evil Gaiden Style)

    Hello, first I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm currently interested in making a Zombie Apocalyptic game and I wanted to request a "Resident Evil Gaiden" Battle style. I get the concept of it but I have about 0 Coding experience.. I have some pictures for examples; And...
  12. ramza

    Ramza's State Workshop (current states: 1 LATEST: Block Chance)

    Welcome, one and all. In this topic I will be periodically posting some lunatic state codes I've been working on. Feel free to use them in your own projects, modify them as you see fit, and post suggestions for new states or ideas you might like to see. The plan will be to release a new state...
  13. Zevia

    Looking for ideas to make combat more fun

    I'm currently working on my first major RPGMVXAce project. I started it sometime last year, then picked it back up again about a month ago and have spent several hours each day working on it. I've got about 40-45 minutes of gameplay, but now I'm looking back and trying to figure out ways to...
  14. Deep Thought

    Eventing Ranged Attacks in a Roguelike System

    I've been working on an action/roguelike game for RPGMaker XP, and it's been going well so far. When you touch an enemy (or an enemy touches you) you deliver/take damage depending on what sort of weapons you have; nothing new. It works well enough for melee weapons, but I have no clue how I...

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