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  1. Treckie

    Variables in Combat

    First of all: Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread, still kind of new to the world of forums. I am searching for a possibility to use variables in order to alter some stats during the combat. To put it simple: I am trying to make some kind of berserker-class, which uses rage. Every move...
  2. SwiftIllusion

    Positive vs Negative value of character barks/quips in combat focused game

    I'd like to ask/see how more people feel about the character barks/quips in combat focused games. If these exist, and were based on a characters designed personality as in some 'fighter' games, could this limit the characters you would want to play with-or enhance the experience regardless...
  3. PvP, combat-only game possible?

    Hi all, First-time poster, long-time lurker. I gots a question. I know online multiplayer gets asked about often, and while part of my question has been asked before, the whole thing hasn't. Soooo... If I were interested in making a PvP, combat-only game (no exploration, no towns, nothing...

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