1. Notchella

    RMMZ Combat without battlescreens?

    I wanted to make a combat system like that of Zelda, no combat screens, you just basically swing a sword at a sprite until it dies or vice versa. Is this something that can be done in game or do I need plugins? Thank you.
  2. Coma70se

    Setting up equipment checks for actors

    I'm trying to set up specific skills that my actors can only use with a specific item equipped. To make an example, if the player has a ring equipped then the skill becomes available in battle, but when that ring is not equipped that skill doesn't appear. I figured that conditional branch...
  3. EidolonDreams

    Major hurdles to making an SRPG?

    I've scrolled through a lot of old threads about people wanting to make FFT-style games, but don't see much in the way of... useful info. What is it exactly that makes it so hard to do that most people have apparently given up on it?
  4. Twempie

    Is there a way to create Status Ailment/Effect Synergy

    Hello, I was wondering whether or not there's a way to create a sort of knock-on/synergy with status effects/ailments? By this I mean having a combination of ailments or effects that with both being present creates a third status/effect. As a quick point of reference, what I mean is something...
  5. ts50

    D20 Combat in MZ

    The D&D-style combat using a D20 (a twenty-sided die) is really quite brilliant. It is not too difficult to incorporate a D20-style combat with Attack Roll v.s. AC and Spell Attack v.s. Saving Throw directly into RPG Maker. This guide is written for MZ but should work equally well with MV, as...
  6. Merryjest

    Selecting Forced Skill Target After Common Event Call in Combat

    So, quick background on what I'm doing: I am implementing a combat move input feature similar to Sabin's in FFVI (though without the strict timing). I am using a common event to get this implemented. The player gets to input a 4 key combo that will trigger several potential magical effects...
  7. Sibu

    Question about the Combat System Aesthetics

    Hello! I have an artist for a game that wishes to know if it's possible to swap the sprites of the game into images and art pieces of the characters that she made. So pretty much the same swap the generic sprites of the game with her pictures and toons. Is that possible?
  8. RMMZ Required states

    Im looking for a plugin that makes a skill require a state to be used, for example if I want to use Burning Blade, the battler who uses it needs to be Burning before the skill can activate. Does anyone know any plugins that can preform this feat? Thank you in advance
  9. Zealvern

    RMMV Are these possible with Yanfly plugins?

    I purchased the whole pack, and was wondering if there is possible to make the following effects with those. If possible, how would you make them? -A three-hit combo where each attack is stronger than the previous one and the third deals water damage instead of physical damage -A cleave that...
  10. State Effects : "-5 hp" instead of "-10% hp"

    Heyas. Just as the title says, is there any way to do a flat number instead of percentages for a state effect? I have no idea if I can do this via the program or if there's a plugin that may work? Any help is appreciated, thank you! :]
  11. FoxlyBoxly

    Combat tips/ideas?

    I'm having a little trouble lining out my combat. I have an idea of what I want to do, but the how is what's giving me trouble. Just for reference, I'm using MZ, and I'm using the standard turn-based system. The game I'm working on is primarily character driven, and there isn't a set party...
  12. LordNPC

    Multiple Attack Options

    I'm making a game where the characters can be equipped with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, similar to a handful of games in the Megami Tensei series; Devil Summoner, Strange Journey, and Shin Megami Tensei IV to name a few. I want each party member to have two generic attack options, a...
  13. 92stars

    Live Combat for Vx ace

    Does anybody know of any live combat VXace scripts for real-time combat? Preferably pretty simple. Thanks
  14. anonshin

    Combine multiple skills in one

    Hi makers.:ahappy: I'm thinking about a combact system for my game. That's my idea: the character is a mage(for example) there are 3 skill type 1) the spell/shot type 2)the element of the spell 3) various buff and debuff The final skill will be the result of these choices. Is there a...
  15. yournamehere

    RMMZ Item-Based Battle System?

    Looking for a deck-building battle system where you combine items or cards as a primary form of attack. Similar to Epic Spell Wars where each turn instead of picking an attack skill you would pick an item (or multiple items) to use and those items deal attacks to monsters with various combo bonuses.
  16. Milennin

    Damage formula help (extra damage / add state)

    So the formula I'm trying to work is like this: if enemy has Bleed: deal +20% damage, otherwise, inflict Bleed (on top of regular attack damage). I had a similar formula somewhere in my MV game, but copying it over to MZ and editing the details leaves the skill doing no damage, and not...
  17. Combat forced action, action picture not showing immediately

    I'm using a forced action for one of my character's skills, but I also wish the forced skill to happen last. I set the actor's speed to one, but forced actions in combat seem to always happen right after they are triggered by common events. So, the basic problem is: Actor A casts skill -> Skill...
  18. WheatTon

    RMMV Mana Khemia Style Skills/Combat System

    I am trying to make a game with a combat system reminiscent to the game Mana Khemia. In the game you have a turn order in the form of cards in the first one and orbs in the second. Certain skills can add cards/orbs to the turn order so that when it comes to the skills turn it does the attack...
  19. Milennin

    How to set up this damage formula?

    I'm not very good with damage formulas, and this one goes beyond my knowledge with them. What I want to achieve is: If target is affected by State A -> inflict State B. If that foe is already affected by both State A and B -> deal 50% more damage instead.
  20. RMMZ From the Light 1.1


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