1. Amarok

    Combination of buttons/keys like in fighting games?

    Hello there! over the last months ive been working on my action rpg system for mv, the whole thing is done already. Except for one detail, combos! Of course, even trough eventing i can tell the engine to turn different switches on when pressing different buttons, but i need to know a couple...
  2. DerVVulfman

    Lani's Locks and Keys

    Version: 1.2 Introduction Lani's Locks and Keyrings allows you to create a locking system for doors, chests, and other items that require keys. It does this by creating scripted values rather than having to create actual door-key items in the Item database. Lani's Combo Locks allows you to...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Simple Question: Combination Lock

    I have a chest that can only be opened after the hero enters a specific combination. I've seen developers use this on many occasions. How do I do it?
  4. Combining Items for a Recipe During Battle Phase

    Hello, I am not very good at figuring out where the limitations of RPG Maker MV are currently, so I have an issue and I want to see how you guys would handle it. I don't know if I will need more plugins than just Yanfly's to bring this character to life. I want to make a character who supports...
  5. Njghtcrawler

    Combine spells that are cast in sequence

    I'm not sure of any other turn-based rpgs that do this but I know Breath of Fire IV does. Basically Toon1 casts water based (water spout) spell then immediately after Toon2 casts a wind spell (high winds). The water spell acts as a reagent to transform the wind spell, high winds, into something...
  6. Jeremy Cannady

    Item Combination System

    Helllo all, I am making an item combination script. I would like some feed back on how to make this into a plugin. Currently you have to edit the script to add recipes. How would you like to be able to do this? I do not know if there is currently a script like this out there but I made it for...
  7. hian

    Combining PRX Ace - Character Shadows with TINY OVERWORLD SPRITES SCRIPT

    So, like the thread title says - I am looking to make two scripts work together. They're not incompatible, but the idea is that I want the tiny overworld character script, which shrinks the character sprites on certain maps, such as the worldmap, to also shrink the shadow graphic that the...
  8. Dark_Metamorphosis

    Yanfly scripts - Custom system settings.

    Hi ladies and gents! So, I have some questions regarding some of Yanfly's scripts. I will put a link to all the scripts further down below in case you need reference. I need some help regarding if It's possible to call some script calls in order to change the functions of various settings...

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