1. Arctorius

    How to make conditional status effects/ailments

    Thanks for checking this thread! Like the title says, Is there a way to add conditions to the status effects a character or enemy can acquire? What I'm trying to make is, for example, you have a skill that applies "Poisoned", but if the target already has the "Poisoned" state it instead applies...
  2. Combining Items for a Recipe During Battle Phase

    Hello, I am not very good at figuring out where the limitations of RPG Maker MV are currently, so I have an issue and I want to see how you guys would handle it. I don't know if I will need more plugins than just Yanfly's to bring this character to life. I want to make a character who supports...
  3. Liquidize/Candacis Adventure (Combining) Items

    Hello there, I have browsed the forums for (and found) this specific kind of plugin and it works just about how I want it minus one flaw. You see, it is set up so you select an item, then pick another item, then hit the combine command to make a new item. The trouble is that it is currently set...
  4. Njghtcrawler

    Combine spells that are cast in sequence

    I'm not sure of any other turn-based rpgs that do this but I know Breath of Fire IV does. Basically Toon1 casts water based (water spout) spell then immediately after Toon2 casts a wind spell (high winds). The water spell acts as a reagent to transform the wind spell, high winds, into something...
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    Combining two or more items from inventory

    Hello, this is my first post and that's why I'm not sure if this is the right place for it... I need a plugin for combining two or more items from the item menu to make a new item. I know that there are many item combining/synthesis plugins around, but those don't actually fulfill my needs...
  6. Scene_Combine Script help

    Hey again, I've been looking at a script so I can combine items. I've come across a few but one I really like is from efeberk but I have no idea how to implement it. The thread was closed so I can't ask on there. Basically my problem is I don't know where to put it in my...
  7. DoubleRaineBow

    Remove, Recall, and Combine Inventory

    The main idea here is that there are two parties that the player is able to switch between. So when the player switches from Party A to Party B and the player goes into Party B's inventory, they don't see any items, weapons, armors, and key items that the player as Party A collected. Eventually...
  8. rechronicle

    Need helps to make combining menu system

    Hello guys, umm I want to make an original menu for the modern-day role-playing game. I really need help because I don`t understand advance scripting… Here is the sketch You can access this from Menu Screen, and here we found: -  Bottom left Fragment List: Item on inventory that can be...
  9. Venima

    Smarter Text Persistence (Show Text Combining With Choices)

    Smarter Text Persistence Introduction A simple script (fix) to make "show text" still combine windows with choice selections when separated by conditional branches, comments or jump to label events. Features The event "show text" will combine with choice selection, number selection or item...
  10. Venima

    Smarter Text+Choices Combining (Fix)

    Hi guys, I'm surprised I couldn't find this already to be honest, maybe it's hidden somewhere... Anyway, I don't like to give you too much reading to do, so here goes: Problem: When an event shows text and immediately shows choices after it, the text remains visible (it persists until a choice...

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