1. BobbyLily

    RMMV OriOrion

    (It's pronounced "Awry Orion".)(For some reason.) SYNOPSIS PLOT/SETTING CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS DEV NOTE
  2. Ericfrancisrock

    RMMV The Two Moons: The RPG That's So Bad, The Main Character Wants Nothing To Do With It! (Available on Steam)

    Version 1.0 Available on Steam as of 5/26/2023 SUMMARY: The RPG that's so bad, the main character wants nothing to do with it! The Two Moons is the epitome of "what not to do when making an RPG Maker game." It features an unoriginal storyline, poorly fleshed out characters, stock graphics...
  3. WingspreadCreations

    RMMV The Adventures of Hoshima - Episode 01

    "The Adventures of Hoshima" began in 2003, when Brian Buyea and I were coming up with a zany anime Comedy-Adventure story that was not really meant to be taken too seriously, and even made a first-episode game on the OHRRPGCE back then. 20 years later, I'd decided to gut most of the original art...
  4. AphoticAmaranth

    RMMV Ascentower

    Ascentower Endless roguelite dungeon crawler rpg thingy. Ascend the tower, smash pots, kill stuff, repeat. Made for Harold Jam 2023. SYNOPSIS FEATURES Randomly generated levels. Duh. Classes! Each of the three characters have three different classes they can choose from, which affects...
  5. Fanet

    RM2k/3 Why Am I Armed? (Demo)

    An RPG about arms ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is this? Why Am I Armed? is a lighthearted RPG game that has the player explore a slightly odd world, while sometimes getting into fights with the ones who live there. Meet the nose goblins, who...
  6. VileVillainEntertainment

    RMMV Extortius: Become A Villain

    This is my first game. It took me 4 years (on and off) to complete, losing much progress and having to remake it from scratch along the way. I went through all the hurdles you could imagine to make it happen, but here it is. The game is free, but I accept donations. I hope you enjoy it. TRAILER...
  7. Share Your Games!

    Hello everyone! I am very new to the RPG Maker community, so hopefully I placed this in the right thread! I'm a huge fan of horror, mystery, drama, comedy, visual novel, & puzzle style games, and wondered if anyone had any games in these styles they'd like to share! I've only really played...
  8. Kokoro Hane

    RMMV The Cursed Tower [Voiced Cutscenes]

    GAMEJOLT DOWNLOAD (WINDOWS); https://gamejolt.com/games/thecursedtower/780381 ITCH.IO DOWNLOAD (WINDOWS); https://tofu-sheets-visual.itch.io/the-cursed-tower SYNOPSIS FEATURES CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS ABOUT THE GAME CREDITS
  9. Buckthorn

    RMMV World's Smallest RPG: Rev

    TYPE: An NES-style action adventure RPG, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. A PS/Xbox or any Controller with 4 buttons or more is recommended. STORY: This game stars Ajax, a cave-dwelling fellow who lives with his overbearing parents, but with the...
  10. Seacliff

    RMVX Oscar's Mid-Life Crisis VX

    RPG Maker VX was released on December 27, 2007. This game was made in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the lacking, yet loveable, game engine. It has been years since Ralph and his RTP friends have been on a real adventure, few people use RPG Maker VX anymore and the iconic database cast...
  11. Waldorf

    RMVXA Jingle Gates

    Jingle Gates is a short Christmas puzzle game created for a Christmas game contest during 2021 made in 24 non-consecutive hours, where you build gates to stop Santa from eating your sweets. Story Fazey, an expert gate builder, returns home after sending his letter. He meets Amilpha, one of his...
  12. Ron_Dozy

    RMMV My Monster, My Disease - A story about a mental health patient

    My Monster, My Disease My Monster, My Disease tells the tale of a guy living with the struggles of mental health, taking place in our current, modern world. It's a story that's inspired by my own personal life and experiences (though highly embellished), presented through an RPG game. I'd say...
  13. Mopsikus

    RMMV A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! - A game about a Witch-turned-into-Slime that uses magic! (Playable demo available)

    Hello again! I'm Mopsikus, and this is my newest RPG Maker MV game, A Slime Witch's Magical Adventure! This game takes place within the same universe as my other game, Peony of War, which is based around pirates and magic. But, this one will focus more on the magic part. However, this doesn't...
  14. yopi

    RMMV Krow and Dova's Cool New Game

    An hour long RPG starring a pragmatic wizard (Dova) and an energetic Demon (Krow). Containing original music and artwork! Plus secret bosses/NPCs/areas and two different endings. Synopsis Trailer Screenshots Download ✭✭✭https://yorripi.itch.io/cool-new-game✭✭✭
  15. Faye Valentine

    RMMV Faded Blue (IGMC 2022 Entry)

    Download from Itch.IO NOW! There exists a distant world in a different time where the sun and the moon stopped fighting for the skies, forever altering the rules. No days or nights, no life or death, but perpetual reincarnation. And there lives Juno, a clueless and carefree girl who tries...
  16. Indrah

    RMMZ A Stolen Love and the Forgotten Promise (IGMC2022)

    After much preparation and negotiation, you have finally been allowed to marry your lover, Ezra. However the ceremony is rudely interrupted by Lilith, the archdemon of rebirth –who your grandmother defeated 50 years ago. Now in human form, Lilith kidnaps Ezra, claiming they made a promise to be...
  17. AphoticAmaranth

    RMMV Gacha Hell (IGMC 2022)

  18. RMMZ My first RPG Maker Game (still in Progress); How did I do?

    This is my first delve into RPG Maker MZ. It took me about 3 months or so to make project “Are we the Bad Guys”. To be honest, I don’t really know what to name this. Since this is my first game, I used the basic tile set and images that came with RPG Maker MZ. Some background I am in the...
  19. yossiii

    RMMV Qabara the Artist

  20. tumsterfest

    TRADE REQUEST Avery's Reverie - Battles, Plugins, Animation, etc. - Flexible Arrangements

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ (If you have strong interest in committing to this project but don't have MZ, I'm open to providing it for you.) Synopsis (See Games in Development thread for full details.) Story: Tired of doing chores "literally" all the time (and literally tired from staying up past...

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