1. Pumamori

    RMVXA The Greatest Survival

    When her father simply disappears one day, Lyza follows in his footsteps to find him. Chaos ensues and she soon finds herself struggling against the forces of snowmen with a misconstrued concept of capitalism, an ogre that can't keep his allergies in check, a particularly speedy grandmother, and...
  2. Alui

    RMMV Action Smacktion: Breaking Brouhaha

    Synopsis: Legends LIVE, the biggest streaming event of the century, is finally underway on Action Island. People from all over the world come to fight for fame, glory, and everything in between all for the international audience to see! Tryouts for Legends LIVE are open for everyone. The only...
  3. bruncket


    FRIENDS is a game concept ive been working on for about 2 years now, and just finally got a working playable build out, its only the first part, basically the prologue. what i have so far takes around an hour to complete, so its almost a "full" experience, but i plan on adding a whole lot more...
  4. RomVHS

    RM2k/3 The Legend of the Lessir Moresoul [ROUGH DEMO]

    The Legend of the Lessir Moresoul A Comedic Adventure RPG *Creator's Notes* *Synopsis* *Screenshots* *Characters* *Storyline* *Setting* *Credits* *Demo Download Link* [/spoiler] *Devlog Video*
  5. bjorn56

    RMMV Garage Ninja! [RPG] [Comedy] Demo Out Now!

    If you are interested in playing the game, Let me know. This game is on steam if you want to add it to your wishlist. Any feedback or ideas are welcome. If you are interested in helping out, shoot me a message and I'll see what we can do. Thanks for reading, Bjorn.
  6. DagJakeTanner

    RMMV DW (an adventure/RPG)

  7. Lihinel

    RMMZ Omnilimus - The Legend of Bob - King of all Monsters - Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Slime

    A Slime, a Rat, a Spider, and a Bat, conquer the world and make the heroes mad. Summary: The demon king is dead. Long live the demon king? You play as Bob, a low level slime, who through some turns and twists of fate sets out on a journey to rescue the daughter of...
  8. Heystack

    RMMV Robot Detritus(Prototype)

    Robot Detritus Prototype by Heystack Somewhere, sometimes, a ship falls down on some derelict planet. Ruled by machines, who are too human; and the mutants, who are too animal sadly. Place of grim fates. Wars. Warlords. Carnal desire, even in plastic and cold, and hatred and mad hunger. But...
  9. Buckbacon

    RMMV CAPITAL - An Open-World Alpha Build

    SYNOPSIS You are John Q, a polite femboy SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR from space. Explore CAPITAL, a planet full of ageless citizens driven mad by mysterious and rapidly changing market forces. Use your special psychometric ability THE B-SIDE to explore the history of objects and piece together the...
  10. Lintilion

    RMMV ShrineSpark! A Surreal Space-Station Prison Escape!

    Somewhere in the deepest reaches of space... An execution is to be carried out... Play as Orange, a perfect simulacrum of the Orange Experience. Be freed from prison by a strange hero. SHRINESPARK Personal Software simulates the following experience: Take the role of a creature. About 3...
  11. leusyth

    RMMV Astrid & The Witch

    My game is finally done! Thank you so much to everyone here who helped me out with testing it! :kaocry: Synopsis Screenshots Story Features Credits Download
  12. RMMZ Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem

    Luke Daimont: Absolute Mayhem Synopsis This game has been created over the course of roughly a week for the Trials of MZ event. As such, it doesn't use any plugins and only RTP assets (with self-edits). Available for Windows and also playable in a browser HERE!. When the evil Dr. Psyko...
  13. Rubescen

    RMMZ CrossingTales - a completely *linear* epic *fantasy* rpg

    -- Come experience the EPIC STORY of me, Stephenor Stephanie, as I journey to the Well of Creation to stop the Dark Witch from destroying the world. -- Play in Browser or Download for Windows: https://rubescen.itch.io/crossingtales SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CHARACTER CREDITS
  14. leusyth

    RMMV Astrid & The Witch (Early Demo)

    Synopsis Screenshots Story Features Credits Download
  15. cloudsefi

    RMMV Fuu Project [Prologue] (Working title)

    FUU PROJECT SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT and the last hope for the village. Because of the clouds of radiation the water in the village is contaminated and the crops are starting to be scarce. With your newly acquired power (and the help of your dog)...
  16. Tsukihime

    RMMV Chicken Match

    Synopsis Just some mini-game chicken fun. I started this as a joke, and also because I needed something to test my grid battle logic. But mostly a joke. Though after I started using it to build my features, it actually seemed kind of entertaining. Gameplay So the idea revolves around the...
  17. Jami_DC

    RMMV Fyrebrand (Version 5.7)

  18. BrunoDeSN

    RMMV Alien Holiday

    SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Hey, if you've reached down here: thanks for reading! The game has been in development for some months now, with a demo planned for the end of this semester, I'll try to post some relevant...
  19. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV You and Me - Conection

    Me and You - Connection Introduction to Project Hello! My name's Valentina but I'd prefer if you called me Val! I have come today with a project I'm finally concentrating on: Me and You - Connection. It's a short game about friendship, forgiveness, and not the main focus but just as important...
  20. karinthefox

    RMMV Panacea (New demo available)

    Panacea is a story-driven mystery game where you play as a vampire who works at a hotel for monsters, in order to find a rumored elixir that will give you back your humanity. WARNING: This game contains psychological horror elements and bloody scenes. SYNOPSIS: SCREENSHOTS: FEATURES...

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