1. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Doctor Slime - One Map Challenge

    A One Map Challenge Entry Description: Therese, of the RTP, has developed a severe case of tsunder-enza! This could develop into the highly contagious trope-itosis. Sadly, Harold has no idea that this problem even exists. To prevent the entire slime-verse from contracting such an annoying...
  2. TheGameBrewery

    RMVXA Final Warrior Quest

  3. DarkImpetus

    RMMV Fantasy Heart: A New Era

    Everything in the game will eventually be of my own design, graphics, music even sound effects. I want to make a game that's difficult to turn around and say "That was made in RPG maker.", it's a huge ambition and this is what I have so far. For more regular updates on it, as well as other...
  4. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Aurora Magica (Demo and Mapping Demo Available)

    Aurora Magica ( Warnings: There are some suggestive materials, some salty language, and too many puns. ) In a game world built around manga-type fantasies, there are social and political ramifications. Nations could not thrive in a world where there is a gender imbalance of numbers. Not all...
  5. Isabella Ava

    My nonsense comics

  6. Milennin

    RM2k/3 BETA

    BETA Download Anniversary Version V1.1 (2018, February, 25): https://rpgmaker.net/games/4770/downloads/9736/ About this game BETA is a quest-driven RPG with a focus on lighthearted dialogue. Some quests will also present the player with mini-games or challenges that the player has to beat in...
  7. OnlyMe_

    RMMV Ryouji - Heaven's Coup d'etat

    Ryouji - Heaven's Coup d'etat I made this game as a media for me to push myself to the limit with RMMV's event system. That is why I decided to not use plugins while making this game. The only plugin I used is the OrangeCircularJSON Bug Fix by Hudell. EpicFILE for your amazing...
  8. Rikert

    RMVXA RENT: the Game

    In RENT: the Game you go to exaggerated and comedic RPG length to pay your rent, after not reading the fine print on the agreement. With only five days to earn a few thousand of dollars you’ll have to do anything and everything, clean and dirty, to get it. Explore the city for goodies and...
  9. AdamSakuru

    Worked on this on and off for the last few months [Video]

    Came across some old footage of a sorta podcast/let's play thing I tried to do with some friends. We didn't have a proper microphone at the time so I've animated subtitles to it and edited the whole thing down to the best parts. Also improved the audio quality a bit too. There's some light...
  10. Kuu_t


    SYNOPSIS It’s the beginning of June. Summer holidays start. The family should be taken somewhere… but where, when you have kids as wild as Suttu and Touhu are… Previous years have been catastrophes. Even grandma cannot take it anymore. She got enough at last year. There’s still one place...
  11. RMMV [IGMC 2017] The Ridiculously Unhinged Mutant President [Political Satire]

    The Ridiculously Unhinged Mutant President By Denne and MM Hi everyone, my wife and I made this game for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest. Synopsis: Take a satirical romp through the membranes, neurons, and synapses of the United States’ President. WARNING: Some may consider this a horror...
  12. NJ4K

    RMMV Subworld - End prologue (My Entry)

    https://nj4k.itch.io/subworld-endprologue SUBWORLD: END PROLOGUE The Tea Lady is sent to a desperate world, being eaten away by a great nothing. help her on her way in this short and simple. narrative visual novel as we enter into the Prologue of a much larger upcoming game, Subworld. created...
  13. Bonkers

    TRADE Seeking skilled Musician and expert Mapper for an IGMC project.

    I am looking for a team for the IGMC, namely of talented individuals who can provide the following services: Composer capable of providing at least 3 'retro tune' fantasy tracks with a main theme, and a mapper who can use a given tile set to make a world map, 2 dungeons, and several small...
  14. Adassio Studios

    RMMV Dystopia [Game in Development]

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] P.D Twitter's up in case any of you want to follow the updates of the game with more frequency! https://twitter.com/AdassioStudios Heads up for Dystopia and upcoming news!~

    AN ANAGLYPH 3D, COMEDIC, SHORT RPG! SYNOPSIS In a faraway land, lived a King that had won his Kingship and the love of his people within his kingdom, by using only democracy. King Grayze IV, won his battles by using peace and understanding, that had won the hearts of the people all over the...
  16. Muffle

    RMVXA Highschool Contracts

    Highschool Contracts Follow your highschool dreams to kill your deadbeat father. Accompanied by Death as your dormmate. I want to make a notice to those who are following this game and are still interested: The game download is broken because I removed it. It was very, very broken. So I am...
  17. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    TRADE Chasing Justice: An Intimate Journey

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: They never wanted to be heroes, but fate already had their destiny in its hands. Some say the God Yggdrasil created one world in his vision of perfection. All was equal, and none were to be inferior. However, the Goddess Lorelei felt as if peace was to be worked...
  18. bluebooth

    RMMV Res Judicata: Vale of Myth Releases Sept. 29!

    Res Judicata: Vale of Myth is finally publicly released! Release date: 29/09/2017, 1:00pm MST* Current Version: 1.0.4 Engine: RPG Maker MV ESRB: T - Teen Price: $9.99 USD, with a 20% sale celebration (price discount) for the first week of sale. Demo: Free, publicly available. Save files...
  19. RMVXA HetaliAcademy

    This is a fan-made game centered around the Hetalia universe. *(See notes below.) In the Stellar Trio’s first published game, HetaliAcademy, the personas of the countries of the world are forced to attend school. However, a few months into classes, countries begin falling ill. Eventually, only...
  20. Arclus

    RMMV Legend of the Hatman

    Embark on an epic misadventure with everyone's favorite misanthrope Hatman Meirl as he travels around the neighborhood in search of a ticket for an anime convention that he just missed. - Inspired by Dark Souls, Undertale, AND The Care-Bears Movie! - Make a sandwich for Gene Simmons - Break...

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