1. zerobeat032

    FREE Looking for Additional Artists for a game called Panic Attack...

    I'm working on a project in Rpg Maker MV called "Panic Attack!" Synopsis: The general story is that there's a place inside everyone's mental called Escape Space. When the world feels too overwhelming, one can retreat here for peace of mind. Usually other's can't be inside anyone else's space...
  2. GalacticGod

    Marvel: Characters Sets & SV Battlers (Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, & More) [UPDATED 6/24/2021]

    I have been reading Marvel Comics since I was very young and it is my pleasure to present my version of many of their characters, including: The Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, The X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Netflix Defenders, and many, many, many other characters. Some of...
  3. KayZaman

    Kay Zaman’s Comic.....(seriously?)

    I was kinda bored, so I made comic. So, here goes.
  4. Isabella Ava

    My nonsense comics

  5. ProGM

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Journey to the East

    Hi everyone, we are Elf Games Works and this is our third time @IGMC! For this 2017 edition, after a successful Little Briar Rose made with RPG Maker VX Ace (link) and Oh! I'm Getting Taller! made with Unity, we opted for RPG Maker MV. Journey to the East is a comic turn on the original 16th...
  6. ksilvs_art

    ^^- HI!

    Hello, my name is Katie Silver or ksilvs and I am a freelance narrative artist and designer based in the US. You can find more of my work at www.kathrynsilver.com and www.facebook.com/ksilver18 ^^- I'd like to get to know you all and talk about the narrative choices that Y'all make in...
  7. Enigma_Productions

    Enigma's Art Dump~

    This will just be a place where I will be uploading random art pieces that I have made. :kaojoy: Please keep in mind that the images may be big. Because of this I will put the images in spolier tags.
  8. vico

    Comic bubble system (alternative)

    Hi, is there any bubble system aside Galv's MV Message Styles? I'm searching for a system more similar to Wachunga's Multiple Message Windows, with similar configurations and such.
  9. SumRndmDde

    Picture Book Intro

    Picture Book Intro       This tutorial teaches how you can replicate the intros seen in some of the most popular indie games of all time: Picture Book Intros. Both Undertale and Shovel Knight starts their stories with a combination of text and images in order to communicate the exposition of...
  10. redspark

    Comic Bubbles

    I'm working on my first plugin for MV.  I have no idea what I'm doing but at least I'm trying. ;)  Below is the effect I'm going for.  It was done in Adventure Game Studio.  Once I get it working in MV, I will publish some screen shots. Currently the Help for the plugin reads as follows...
  11. Kazuki

    The reworked plot for a reimaging of my first comic book

    I decided i would rework the plot of my first graphic novel "The Osana Empire: The Rebellion": http://takamurart.deviantart.com/gallery/30802088 Here's the plot summary for the new one The Osana Empire seeks the power of Osana’s Tears. This valuable resource has revolutionized the world of...

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need a time to not open my MV,still addicted with new vegas

i wonder what addiction effect behind playing new vegas too much,maybe INT & Science gone worse in many days :D
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Are you the one who develops Kaliya's Visual Map Enhancements. If so I desperately need some help. I bought the plugin back a few months. I've only started using it recently.
Cause MP Damage instead of HP, Localization Plugin for Translation | RPG Maker News #112

Here in Fla were are seeing crazy covid spikes and some vaccinated getting bad infections. I had a mild fever on Thurs but it went down fast. How is everyone else doing. Hopefully you are all well. :)
Wish I was better at art, specifically that I was faster at it, bc this one NPC took Several Days to complete! It's gonna take So Extremely Long to do all of the art for my game, never mind writing it... Anyways, here's my gorgon, Hopernica Sthyxis!


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