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    Customizing Command Windows

    Hello and I will say this before anything else. As this has happened to me three times now. I made an effort to put this post like the last two in the area I believed it was meant to go. So if this is in the wrong place, do not assume its out of defiance or ignorance, more so out of confusion...
  2. Move and resize battle command windows

    Hello,  I'm using Yanfly's battle engine and I've created a couple of custom commands...I think the screenshots explain the problem best... As you can see in the first screenshot, the "attack skills" and "defense skills" commands are being squished because of how long they are. I don't really...

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Yay! Someone did a playthrough of my game. :D

When you thought you'd be finished with the grid, and spend ~8-9 hours on an arrow. How is this more difficult to than player movement?

Still some bugs hiding in there, but it's nearly complete.

I'm having it strictly follow the path a user draws, because there will be booby trap and other similar mechanics where you want to avoid specific cells.
I feel like banging my head against a wall every time I want to find that post that shows all the plugin header codes. Then I think "next time I find it, I'm going to bookmark it". Then I think "wait a minute ... maybe I bookmarked it last time because it took me so long to find it". Check bookmarks, and there it is :)
... a few of my main characters standing around doing nothing lol. I mostly wanted to see them together on screen.

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