1. Isabella Ava

    Change Events' ID?

    Hi there, i have many AutoRun Events on each map, because they execute a piece of command then destroy themself (they can't be grouped due to many reason), therefor i need them to run in an specified order. I assume events' running order is based on its ID. So is there anyway to rearrange/change...
  2. DaedraTalos

    Unlimited common event choices.

    Hey everyone! Here's a new tiny plugin I made (thx to SRDude for the idea!) that lets you show tons of choices that will, when chosen, run common events! It's easy to use, and has an endless amount of possibilities. All you have to do is: Fill in the "choice" list with as much choices as you...
  3. C.W. Plainview

    How to remove the party command window

    Okay, so I've been wanting to remove the party command window from my project. Yanfly's Battle Engine Core has the ability to skip it, but some of us want it removed outright. I've tried finding plug-ins to no avail. As I've discovered, thankfully, you don't need a plug-in. All you need to do...
  4. TextManager Strings problem

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but im having a lot of trouble with the TextManager. So im trying to create a new command for the title screen. Which ive succeded in doing, exept for one thing: I can not figure out how to use my own strings when displaying the text for the command. for...
  5. Separate window for actor face & text?

    I've been trying to figure out how to display the actor's face in a separate window next to the text (when using the show text command) but to no avail. Is there a plugin out there that can do this? Preferably one that doesn't require me to type a command in every text box that includes a face...
  6. Verdelite

    Verdelite's Remove Battle Commands

    Verdelite_RemoveBattleCommands v.1.00 Verdelite Introduction This simple plugin enables you to assign a switch to a battle command and remove the linked battle command from the battle command window if the switch is on. The command will return once the switch is turned off. That's useful for...
  7. Aien2323

    Disable attack window during battle?

    Okay so I have Mog Hunter's Action Name plugin, but during battle it basically shows what action I'm doing twice. How do I disable the default message (in red) from RMMV so it only shows the action name (in blue) enabled by Mog Hunter?
  8. TheTitan99

    Adding more Script Calls and Plugin Commands in the Database.

    Description of the Feature: I personally believe, unless there is a good reason otherwise, everything should have an ability for script calls and checks, as well Plugin Command calls. Currently, there are several places that these could be added, seemingly pretty easily. After items and skills...
  9. ViviCJ

    Mog Battle Hud - Party Window help (2 to 4 options)

    Hi all! So got my hands on the Mog Battle Hub JS and it's awesome! Can customise pretty much anything... BUT I have hit a tiny bump, something I am sure someone can literally rectify instantly! The first image shows my COMMAND WINDOW, it has 4 options to choose from with a 5th available...
  10. kamekache

    How to change the position of a command

    Hi, I need to know if exist a posibility of change the position of commands. I creating a scene that have gems, and when you find the gem item in the game, this appear in the scene. But when I create the command window, this is create in the default way. So I need to change the position of...
  11. idillicah

    Add more options to "Show Choices" event command?

    Hi! Just a quick question: Is there a way to add more options (more than the 6 that are built into the engine) for the "Show Choices" event command? I'm trying to build a hub from where to transport the player based on quests, and I want to give them more than 6 options. Any help is...
  12. styx92

    Need a few eval commands

    Hey guys. I searched, but i dont find a few eval commands, that i need for my project. first: i need a command to check the attack state rate. If the actor have a attack state for 50% bleeding. I only found a command for element rates: actor.elementRate(ID) second: i want to check the...
  13. Feli

    Command for Refresh Map and Show Ballon Icon Infinitely

    Hello! 1. I would like to know the command to refresh a map. Because I have a problem with a plugin and it seems that the problem is this, since whenever I exit / enter the map or open / close menu the problem disappears. 2. Also, I wonder if there is a way to show a balloon icon...
  14. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this through my searches, but it's probably a very easy fix.  I want to change the Attack and Guard commands into an Offense Stance and Defense Stance command.  I've already changed the relative skills in the skill list to represent the change, changing the...
  15. twistedMind

    Help* How to dash the player for Android

    Anyone know how to activate "TriggerDash" command that function when you hold-press a certain button (from the image I shown with the red arrow). I know that you can just turn ON "Always dashing" from the menu, but I want the player to run (dash) only when you hold-press a running button. As for...
  16. matthe8151

    Making a Skip command

    Want a DIY skip command? You've come to the right place! Then this 3 part tutorial will teach you where to start! First start a new project! If you are not sure how to do that.     Afterwards open up the scripts find this and press INSERT.     Then find Scene_Battle and...
  17. Milennin

    How to remove a battle command from a character?

    Sorry for another noob question, but I don't know how to do this. I have a character who can, under certain conditions in battle, run out of skills to use. When this happens, I want to have the Skill command entirely removed for this character. How can I make this happen?
  18. The Fox Eyed Man

    Menu 'Save' command change to 'Journal' and hidden until triggered by event

    (I apologise if I've posted this in completely the wrong place!)  I was wondering whether anyone could help me with making the save command in the in game menu hidden until a certain event (that event being the MC being given a journal), and when it does show up it should say 'Journal'...
  19. BlackRoseMii

    Item command suddenly gone?!

    Okay, so while testing my game one last time, I've encountered a very weird and very annoying bug. During the last dungeon (including boss) the item command during battle is completely gone. I have a script that disables the item command, but I made sure to turn that off once I don't want it...
  20. Kevin Eontrainer

    Temporarily Seal 'Item' Command based on state/switch

    Guys, I'd like to make a state where the one who is inflicted by it can't use items... Just like Embargo in Pokemon. So the Item command should be  grayed or disappeared temporarily, then it can reappear later when the state wore off or when a switch is activated. I prefer using state, but...

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