1. Kevin Eontrainer

    Temporarily Seal 'Item' Command based on state/switch

    Guys, I'd like to make a state where the one who is inflicted by it can't use items... Just like Embargo in Pokemon. So the Item command should be  grayed or disappeared temporarily, then it can reappear later when the state wore off or when a switch is activated. I prefer using state, but...
  2. winndow command edditing

    I am trying to eddit the font on the window command for the different commands and remove the pictures next to them. How do i do this. I used the luna engine base and have built my game around it.
  3. KanaX

    Move Picture fluidity problem.

    Basically, the effect you see on the video is my problem. I have got no fps issues, but I still face problems when to comes to moving pictures very slowly. The movement is very jittery and unnatural This is not the only instance (just a recent one), it happens every times. Any ideas? Thank...
  4. Enabling and unabling the Attack Command by item

    So in my game, I want my only actor to lose the Attack, Guard, and Skill commands, but later find an item that then enables the attack command. how would I do that?
  5. Linard

    Appeared in Window Menu

    Hello guys, The plugin Yep_PictureCommonEvents is very useful when it comes in a mobile game. But when i start the window menu the pictures will be disable temporary and there's no command picture for Ok Button and Back Button as long as you Touch the screen and press the back button of your...
  6. Add a second default attack?

    Hi there, Looking around but couldn't find an answer for this specific situation: How can I add a second default attack? Or how can I let a character use a skill with no type? For example, this is the default: Attack -> uses "Attack" skill Magic -> opens the menu for skill type...
  7. Emperor DragonBreath

    Equip Skill Types

    So basically, I need to find a way to give other jobs, or classes in my game the ability to equip the command of another job. Like Black Mages being able to equip White Magic so they can use white magic when they normally couldn't. Anyone who has played the Bravely games knows what I'm talking...
  8. SEK


    SEK_ChangeActor - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Adds the possibility to change an actor with a not fighting one, jumping your turn. Features -Change actor in battle. -Show animation on actor change. -Lock actors that you don't want to be changed. -Compatibility with DoubleX RMMV...
  9. Force Miss Command

    Hey guys and girls, is there a way to force an action to miss? Something like this simple psoydo code: (character/action).setForceMiss(true); Background: I'd like to make a state using Yanflys BuffStateCore plugin, that makes the next hit the character recieves to miss. My idea...
  10. StrawberryWeisscream

    Adding New Commands to the Menu

    How does one go about adding a new command to the menu? I've created a window that works in its own scene. Now I simply want to add a command to the menu screen that opens that scene. I have gotten this far on my own (by commenting out the command that adds the "Formation" option):   After...
  11. HollowMonty

    What does $date_items actually repersent?

    I've teaching myself ruby scripting since I happen to have RPG maker VX Ace. Learning how Ruby works is one thing, but learning how to manipulate in while in RPG maker is completely different. So many modulus, classes, inheriting classes, and methods that are all interconnected across it's...
  12. ramza

    Command Window issues

    Good day. I am having a pretty unique problem with the default command window, and it appears to be baked right in to the default RM MV engine. I have a class changing system, with equippable skilltypes. To put it simply, an actor can be a member of one class, while equipping the class...
  13. Jenovation

    Changing available Menu Commands during the game.

    Hi, The System in Database allows you to set which Menu Commands are available in the Menu when playing the game. However, I would like some of these to only become available through the game progression. For example, in the beginning of the game the Equip menu is not yet there, but...
  14. Pixii

    How do I set a Variable to be equal to an Actor's Stat using a Script?

    Basically, I have a Common Event that needs to Perform a Skill Check and I'm trying to get the Ability Modifier for the Actor (which is a simple formula based on the Actor's requested Stat) This Color Text means that I do not need help with this, and it's already accomplished This...
  15. SilverDash

    Silvers Skill Gems (Materia)

    NOTE: This plugin hasn't been updated for almost 4 years. Script: Silvers Skill Gems (Materia) v1.04 Author: SilverDash About I originally intended it to be like Path of Exile's skill-system. However, in the end I noticed that it also had nearly all the features (mostly more) that a materia...
  16. Simple Yet Elegant Inventory, Battle, and Shop Menu

    I don't like clunky menus. I'm a fan of "clean" menus like Final Fantasy X, rather than "complex" menus like Xenoblade Chronciles. These menus I want aren't like either one, though, they're just what I want for my time travel game. If a script (or scripts) already exists for this kind of thing...
  17. FrozdY

    Window and adding backslash commands help

    Hello, I was wondering how I would go about doing something like the attached picture? Can I just make a new plugin for it or shall I edit the windows.js? Also, how would the code for this look? Like using the exact command "\F[Actor5(the picture name)_0(position) ]" or "\F(Face)P(Party)[0]"...
  18. Using 2 skills from 2 skill lists in a row.

    Hello everyone! I need help to do something like this: During battle when I select skill type, the skill list will display. After selecting one skill from this list i want another skill list to show up (like another skill type)  and after selecting this second skill from this other skill list...
  19. Milena

    Wait Command

    I am thinking of making a waiting scene in the Gameover scene. For instance, I want to make this image's opacity from 0 to 255. When Gameover hits, I want that image to appear. I was able to do it but the problem is, if I want to do it for like 4 times, it isn't possible with what I do. So, I...
  20. Kuronokun

    Script command for remove items and equipments

    Hello ! I'm looking for the command script to remove all the inventory and all the equipment. Thanks for the answer !

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