1. Milena

    Wait Command

    I am thinking of making a waiting scene in the Gameover scene. For instance, I want to make this image's opacity from 0 to 255. When Gameover hits, I want that image to appear. I was able to do it but the problem is, if I want to do it for like 4 times, it isn't possible with what I do. So, I...
  2. Kuronokun

    Script command for remove items and equipments

    Hello ! I'm looking for the command script to remove all the inventory and all the equipment. Thanks for the answer !
  3. Jeneeus Guruman

    Equip Battle Command

    Equip Battle Command Version: 1.1.1 By Jeneeus Guruman Introduction This plugin allows to access equip window to change equipment in battle. Features Changes equipment on battle. Screenshots   Not necessary since the layout is exactly the same as the equip command in the map menu, regardless...
  4. Dinamic Creates

    Request. Save and Exit.

    Hi, I'm just wondering if someone could help me.  Not sure if needs plugin, or if just some script-call.  I want to save and exit. You know, I'm using this Skip Title plugin to make an Intro/Prologue. The intro starts without showing the title screen. So, when endend, now I do want to show the...
  5. LeeOccleshaw

    Yanfly Class menu command to Expanded Actor Menu

    Hey, would anyone be able to lend a scripting hand with adding the Class command to appear in the list of menu commands when using the Expanded actor Menu script? I imagine it isn't too difficult, though I could be wrong as I'm not a scripter. Edit: Nevermind, I've found a workaround which has...
  6. _Shadow_

    Request: Encounters. Control them using a script command.

    So I was thinking, we right click on a map name on the map list. We select Map Properties. And there is that huge Encounters List that is empty. We fill it with Troop to encounter, weight and range (whole map or a region). Question 1: Assume you got a map called MyMap. Can what I described...
  7. TheOddFellow

    Event Commands "Show Animation" script call equivalent?

    I've been looking all over the net for an answer to the topic title above. Simply put, I'm probably going to be using a lot of animations in the map-part of my game. However, they are random. I know there are plenty of script call equivalents for many event commands, but this one is just...
  8. Miss Nile

    Window_MenuCommand Opacity and Positioning?

    Hi everyone, So I've been experimenting with Luna Engine for a while now and I was able to get a good portion of it. However, there's something I'm probably missing. ^^; What I want to do is this: You see the commands in the top of the window? I am hoping to replace the default commands with...
  9. KanaX

    Script Call line continuation

    I'm creating a script call command, which is rather large and doesn't fit in the Script Box window. Obviously, in its current form it gives me an error, so I tried looking up some Ruby tutorials as to how to break a line into two by using "/', but that didn't work either. How can I continue a...
  10. Silenity

    Battle Crafting

    So, I'm trying to implement a way to mix two items in the battle menu. Similar to the Compounding skill used by Salve-makers in the game Bravely Default. However, I also need the ability to have separate battle crafting for different items. Also, similar to In Search of Immortality's mixing...
  11. RamminRyan

    Load game script call?

    Hey guys. So this may be something simple but I've looked everywhere and can't find anything. I 'm creating an menu screen through events and currently working on the load game function. I've set up an interactive menu through pictures and switches and I need to make an event that when the...
  12. CharcoalKidd

    General Skills Menu?

    Maybe a meticulous detail, but is there a way to, instead of listing all the skill types (Special, Magic, etc.) on the commands menu, have a command titled 'Skills' that opens another window containing all the skill types? Otherwise, is there a script that already does this?
  13. Kest

    Compatibility: Battle Command List and Weapon Attack Replace

    The following scripts are available on Yanfly Channel. Battle Command List allows customization based on actors and classes: Weapon Attack Replace allows linking weapons to skill use: However, WAR skills still show up written as "Attack" in the command list, even skills with the...
  14. Helladen

    Skip Party Command Window 1.0.1

    Introduction This is a script I extracted and modified from YEA - Battle Engine, because the battle system I use is not compatible with it.   This script will skip the party command window when a battle starts and when a turn ends, because it is really annoying to click fight, and most of the...
  15. ♥SOURCE♥

    Command Slider

  16. Tiamat5774

    RPG maker xp: Adding "Equip" to Actor battle command

    The game I'm creating is as close to Dungeons and Dragons as I can possibly get it. However, in D&D, the player can change weapon or don armor in battle and I need an "Equip" command in the actor battle command menu (phase 3 if I'm not mistaken or Scene_Battle 3 in the script editor), "Attack...
  17. [VXA] Making a common event party command with Yanfly Battle Command List? (or another script)

    So I'm using Battle Command List which allows for custom handlers but I cannot figure out how to make custom party commands. For example, Escape is a party command. But I'd also like the ability to do things like...
  18. _Shadow_

    [Weird Issue] I can not be sure about it.

    So, I was on Steam and a fellow user asked me if I could remind him how to change Battle BGS. So Event Commands, Tab 3 under System Settings, Change Battle BGM. How can you set this to change the music before the battle starts? I mean okay, a step-on event that auto triggers, can do the...
  19. Hiding Battle Command Window

    Hello, everyone (Sorry for my bad english). In battle, there is the command window (where you select Attack, Guard, Skills, whatever), and I was wondering if it is possible to hide it when a animation from is playing. Can you help me?
  20. TheGreenHorse

    Command window doesn't show text

    class Window_BEGGARWIN < Window_Command def initialize() super(544/4,416/4) create_command_list end def create_command_list add_command("Pay ### coins", :Hi) add_command("Pay Nothing", :Hi) add_command("Pay 100 coins", :Hi) end def window_height return 300 end def...

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