1. vindaca

    V's Simple: Command Text Indent v0.1

    V's Simple: Command Text Indent v0.1 Written by Vindaca Introduction This script does just like the title says. All of the command texts are indented once they are selected.     Screenshots Not necessary. Demo Not necessary. Updates / Bug Fixes Any and all changes made can be found in the...
  2. Zalerinian

    [RGSS3] Developer Console

    Console v1.1.1 - March 10, 2014 Introduction The console script gives the developer a lot of tools to use in order to test their game. Some key features are toggling events on or off, a more accurate FPS counter, and moving the character around. Features - Move the character around the...
  3. Whitlinger

    Add Command?

    Hey! :D I want to add a command in my game that allows the player to change the music; like, they press a key and a list of tracks comes up. Is there a script for that? Thanks! :)
  4. Genocidal Dave

    Removing add_save_command doesn't work

    Hello. In my game I want to have save points, meaning you will only be able to save at certain places. I found a way to remove the save command by removing add_save_command in Window_MenuCommand. Then suddenly it stopped working. I've used a # and even removed the line, but it still won't...
  5. Complex call event...need help

    This is the game i have been working on a few days now. I have them doing eve everything up until the fire scene that is shown in the screenshot. The chick in the white is supposed to have another sequence but will not continue after the last fire appears. i tried to use call command to continue...
  6. Helladen

    Skip Party Command Window

    Introduction This is a script I extracted and modified from YEA - Battle Engine, because the battle system I use is not compatible with it. This script will skip the party command window when a battle starts and when a turn ends, because it is really annoying to click fight, and most of the...

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