1. Tsukihime

    Attack Skill Command

    This script allows you to determine an actor's attack skill based on different properties such as the actor's equips, currently applied states, class, or the actor itself. You can dynamically change the attack skill during battle by simply changing one of these properties. By default, the...
  2. Milena


    Just to clarify when I say coordinates, this still pertains to the x and y of the game. However, if anyone of you played the JRPG games before that allows you to choose a location, or something that deals with maps, you can where to actually land in. For those  that are not familiar with this...
  3. wrigty12

    "Select Key Item" for regular items?

    What I would like to do is have an in-event command similar to the "Select Key Item" option, but instead, it brings you to a list of your items of a different type (Items, Weapons, Armor) and places your choice in a Variable. Is there a built in script command that allows me to do this?
  4. Engr. Adiktuzmiko


    So here's another idea (just writing them all down and looking for feedback instead of trashing them off): - You will equip commands/skills that you can use in battle (you will have a maximum number of equipped commands, probably 5) - The battle system is either a semi-wait ATB (waits only...
  5. RainbowGrenade

    XAS ABS Enemy Comment Help

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting a boss enemy to shoot projectiles and do touch damage. I've looked through the manuals, but the English ones I've found don't have the comments set up properly for ACE. I'm at my wits end. I'm currently without internet, so I can't do tutorial videos, since...
  6. R-Soul

    Doubt on party and actor commands (default)

    More than a script request I have more like a doubt on how a default part of the program works. While on battle, you first watch the party command window, which is on the left while the actor stats window are on the right. After selecting "Fight", the party command window closes and a new one...
  7. Ace DS+ Battle Hud

    Although I waited for the DS+ pack I haven't really bought it yet, especially since I usually make my own resources, and from what I've seen it's not really my type. But the first thing that cought my eye was this sweet looking battle hud. I looked all over the internet for something simillar...
  8. Tsukihime

    Guard Skill Command

    This script changes your guard command depending on a variety of conditions. The guard command can be based on what states are applied, what your actor has currently equipped, or what their class is. By default, the guard command uses the guard skill, which is the second skill. However...
  9. Tsukihime

    Menu Command Manager

    The Command Manager now supports party menu commands. The party menu is the menu where you manage your party, such as using items or skills outside of battle, equipping your actors, changing your formation, or saving/quitting the game. The basic functionality is to allow you to easily choose...
  10. Tsukihime

    Command: Enemy Talk

    This script allows you to set up enemy talk events during battle and use a talk command to interact with enemies. Download Get it at Hime Works! Installation Place this script below Command Manager and above Main Usage To add the talk command, tag actors with <cmd: enemy_talk>Enemy talk...
  11. Z3R0X505

    Menu Command Backgrounds

    Introduction This is a simple script that allows you to place command backgrounds behind the commands in the menu. Screenshot Script Credits Shanghai Simple Scripts for the menu command backgrounds and the general final fantasy 13 idea. Z3R0X505 Note: Modifies standard_padding &...

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