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  1. mavins16

    Has Anyone Tried to Sell Their Game to Nintendo? Is there an RPG Maker Game in Nintendo's Library?

    I really want my game to be commercially available. Especially in Nintendo? Has someone tried this or is there an example of it in Nintendo's game library? Asking for me and other developers here :)
  2. Need tutorial for making a commercial game

    I want to make a commercial game. I need to know what standards I have to keep in mind to get my game released and making money on platforms like Steam, if any. This is not an opinion thread on the viability of this plan. I simply want a tutorial checking all the necessary boxes, if any, that...
  3. AethiriatGames

    Lori's Light [RM2K3]

    LORI'S LIGHT RPG Maker 2003 2$ USD Credit Reel: Lori's Light is a game about a brave knight named Lori from another universe that falls from the sky, having no memory of where she came from, but is imbued with powers that can both mend by healing...
  4. SushiAssado

    I having a question about a song.

    I'm with a commercial project, and I'm using this song as a battle theme, but I do not remember where I downloaded it, someone knows if it's from a game or artist, and if it's available for commercial use?if yes let me know. Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong area. here is:
  5. Kwerty

    RMMV Yomi No Kuni

    Screenshots in this Spoiler. Videos Mini Trailer Beta Battle System Beta Introducing the Oni (Gameplay Video) Mini Game Beta More Info Progress %'s for demo release. - World Map Design - 100% - Battle System Features and Layout - 85% - General Mapping - 80% - Battler...
  6. tumblingapart_dev

    RMVXA Tumbling Apart

    You can't run from the past. But what if you could change it? In Tumbling Apart you live the story of Isaac, an ex-addict riddled with guilt over the terrible fate that has befallen his sister. When a mysterious power grants him the ability to re-experience their life and former tribulations...
  7. gundriveth

    Draigana's Fire

    Draigana's Fire ver1.0 Price: 1.08$ Language: English Synopsis: The story of the game is about the last dragonkin who fights her way to find the truth behind the killing of her relations and to find her identity. Trailer: Screenshots: Links to: The game page. Download the (super short)...
  8. Tuomo L

    The Legend of Protey

    The Legend of Protey Game will cost 0,99$ when it'll be released. Abstract The Legend of Protey is a puzzle focused adventure game developed by Dustin Chalker and published by Tuomo's Games. About the Game Step into the gooey metaphorical shoes of the least likely hero in gaming...
  9. SJWebster

    RMMV Save the City

    Save the City Synopsis Screenshots Plot Characters About me Scope & goals Thank you for taking a look at my project. I'd welcome any comments or feedback you may have. I also intend to use this thread as something of a developer blog so be sure to check back regularly for updates...
  10. Tuomo L

    Adventures of Dragon [Mature content]

    WARNING! ADVENTURES OF DRAGON CONTAINS MATURE SCENES AND CONTENT!! Adventures of a Dragon tells a story about tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth. Fun and playful humor guides the player through an amazing tale, which brings the main character to make discoveries about their...
  11. CleanWater

    RPG Maker Made Game Pricing...

    So, I have no clue on how to price my game. I'm using RPG Maker 2003 and almost every RTP resource on it (with some edits), but the remake of my game is taking much more time than I thought it would take (specially the translation). I took already 4 months of work on the remake of the first...
  12. somenick

    Steemit, social network that pays you for writing wathever you want

    I wanted to share this information. There is a site, Steemit (dot Com), which is a social network that pays you for writing whatever you want. RPG maker articles are perfectly valid. They pay you in a currency known as STEEM, which can later be converted to Bitcoin at various sites (Poloniex...
  13. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    2/25/2017 Update: A new version of the demo has been released! Enjoy! The Long Road is a heartwarming, hilarious and (sometimes) tragic Adventure RPG scheduled to release in Q3 2017 on Steam. At least 5% of all proceeds will go directly to fund no-kill animal shelters! The game features 100%...
  14. Caitlin

    Guild system selling

    I am in the middle of creating of my game and I'm developing a guild system.  One of the guild systems is a monster hunting guild that deals with creatures harassing cities and other places.  It, also, gives you a better place to sell your loot that you get in battle.  I want there to be an...
  15. Using only resources in my commercial game without buying Rpg maker programme

    Hi everybody!   I've got a very important question about RPG maker. I want to create my own game, but not in RPG maker, but in different programme, and I want to use skins and other resources which is selling on RPG maker. To use this resources i know that i have to get somekind of licence ...
  16. Kes

    A Timely Intervention - now out on STEAM

    “Those who control the present, control the past. And those who control the past control the future.” That’s what they say, anyway, but maybe they are wrong. Who knows? If you were able to go back in time and take the risk of changing everything you know, would you do it? “A Timely...
  17. JAD94

    RMMV The Perfectionist (Now on Steam!)

    Synopsis: Features: Cast: Screenshots: Gameplay Videos: Demos (Windows & Mac): Full Release (Windows & Mac): Credits: Contact: Websites: Release Date (Windows & Mac): 2/22/2019 Release Date (Steam): Released 1/11/2019
  18. Laptopdancer

    Mahjong Minigame for commercial game

    I'm looking for a timed Mahjong mini-game like many online. It would be based on how many matches you make within a certain time period. If you bet 100 then the time period is 60 seconds (easy) if you bet 500 then 30 seconds (harder) if you bet 1000 then 10 seconds (hardest) etc The tiles need...
  19. Kes

    Undefeated - Now on STEAM, Android

     This popular old-school RPG, made in collaboration with Aldorlea Games ( will see a Steam release on Friday (April 3rd, 2015) - with a special 15% discount for a week. This release marks a milestone for Aldorlea Games as it is...
  20. how can i keep my game safe?

    Hello, happy new years ... well, i am planing to make my first original game.. i will be using the normal maps from the RPG maker vx ace + normal character ( because i am not good at designing ) but i will modify the maps... to make them look more better.. anyway the most important part i...

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