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  1. Lunawolfcomics

    RMMV The Perfectionist (Now on Steam!)

    Synopsis: Features: Cast: Screenshots: Gameplay Videos: Demos (Windows & Mac): Full Release (Windows & Mac): Credits: Contact: Websites: Release Date (Windows & Mac): 2/22/2019 Release Date (Steam): Released 1/11/2019
  2. Laptopdancer

    Mahjong Minigame for commercial game

    I'm looking for a timed Mahjong mini-game like many online. It would be based on how many matches you make within a certain time period. If you bet 100 then the time period is 60 seconds (easy) if you bet 500 then 30 seconds (harder) if you bet 1000 then 10 seconds (hardest) etc The tiles need...
  3. Kes

    Undefeated - Now on STEAM, Android

     This popular old-school RPG, made in collaboration with Aldorlea Games ( will see a Steam release on Friday (April 3rd, 2015) - with a special 15% discount for a week. This release marks a milestone for Aldorlea Games as it is...
  4. how can i keep my game safe?

    Hello, happy new years ... well, i am planing to make my first original game.. i will be using the normal maps from the RPG maker vx ace + normal character ( because i am not good at designing ) but i will modify the maps... to make them look more better.. anyway the most important part i...
  5. DHazard

    DRM vs. DRM-Free?

    So, I've been looking into this lately, and it looks like a lot of independent developers are opting to go for the DRM-Free option when they sell their titles. Sometimes it's jus that you get a DRM-Free copy regardless of the purchase price, and sometimes it's that you have to pay a little extra...

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