commercial project

  1. CleanWater

    Releasing Commecial Game With a Partner

    Hello, I'm back to developing games, but now I'm not alone. I'm working with a friend, who is in charge of the custom scripts, OS porting, etc, while I take care of the custom graphics, gameplay and such. We both acquired RPG Maker MV on Steam and if I recall well, I need to send an email with...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question Re: Music from Different Engines

    Can music from one RPGMaker product be used in a different one, if licenses were purchased for both games? Basically, we paid for VXAce, now we are using MV, but there is music and SFX in Ace that we would like to use in our existing project. Since licenses were bought for both games, are we...
  3. starlord

    The Cost of a Commercial Project

    So I had this question in mind which is "How much does it cost a person or a group of people to release and produce a commercial project?". I don't have plans to produce one at the moment, but I'm looking forward to doing one in the mere future. This project includes the following (to be...
  4. Laptopdancer

    Puppy / Full grown dog Sprite request.

    Can someone create a black Pomeranian breed puppy and full grown dog sprite? I need regular walking, sitting and wagging tail, laying down / rolling over, and jumping up by hind legs sprite sheets.  I would prefer no collar on the puppy or dog as well.  :)

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