1. mavins16

    Has Anyone Tried to Sell Their Game to Nintendo? Is there an RPG Maker Game in Nintendo's Library?

    I really want my game to be commercially available. Especially in Nintendo? Has someone tried this or is there an example of it in Nintendo's game library? Asking for me and other developers here :)
  2. EmmaB

    Game Character Hub PE Edition Terms

    Hi everyone, I have been searching around, but I can't seem to find out if I can use the Game Character Hub PE Edition in the creation of my commercial game. Does anybody else know? Thanks in advance.
  3. EmmaB

    For Commercial Use? Editing?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at some packs on the RPGMaker web store and was wondering if anybody knows if these packs are allowed to be used in commercial games? PVG Sci-Fi Tiles School Tiles Bundle Sci-Fi Tiles Resource Pack Sci Fi Battlebacks Royal Tiles Resource Pack Dungeons &...
  4. Looking for some new tiles (Blood, Road, Prison) - VX ACE

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: I have no preferred style at the moment perhaps sort of cartoony but if this request is accepted I will leave it up to them to decide Description: Hey I am looking for some more tiles to give my project some variety of environments...
  5. Lucary

    Horns like the ones Evil 7 has?

    Hi everyone! I need some horns for my characters similar to the ones that RTP Evil 7 has (aka on the bigger/bulkier side or ram/dragon horns). It would be a big plus if they were compatible with Schlangans extended character generator. I've been looking but to no avail. These assets also need to...
  6. MikomiKisomi

    Image of Perfection

    Fight ghosts from your past and real ghosts. It's been a long month for Sirius- not talking to most of your friends, having an angry ex talk about you behind your back, and having a friend claim... that her house is haunted? The past few weeks have been long for Hailey as well, as her house has...
  7. Uzuki

    Which Would You Prefer To Support A Game: Crowdfunding or *******?

    So I'm getting closer to getting a Beta of my game up and now would be a good time to start looking into some crowdfunding options to cover some more expensive things for my game. So I have two options to go with: Kickstarter and *******. On the one hand, Kickstarter will allow me to get all the...
  8. MushroomCake28

    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    Disclaimer: Knowledge and limits of responsibility First of all, let me say that all incoming advices and explanations are from me. My legal knowledge comes from currently being a Law student at a Canadian University with about one year left (at the time of writing, April 2019. I still got to...
  9. Krystek_My

    Can I use this resources?

    I don't really know is that a good forum for this but I nedd to ask: I just found some resources for RPG Maker MV, but I found them on japanese site of RPG Maker. Can I use them (commercially). In the ToS of them there was writted that I can use them(I translated site by Google Translate), but I...
  10. JAD94

    RMMV Inner Darkness: Internal War

    Synopsis: Features: Cast: Screenshots: Gameplay Videos: Demos (Windows & Mac): Credits: Contact: Official Sites: Release Date (Windows, Mac): June 21, 2019
  11. RyanBram

    Law related with real person based character

    Hi everyone. I need to know about creating game character based on real person face. The face will not 1:1 with the person I used as character, because there will be modification here and there to make it more suitable with cartoonny environment of RPG Maker. How it will affect my game project...
  12. Starmage

    RMVXA Rave Heart

    Introduction: Features - Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore. - A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories. - Semi-linear gameplay that rewards exploration. - Discover different extraterrestrial races and...
  13. Kwerty

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    PATH OF A SAMURAI We've reached a milestone on the design and direction of the project. Aside from moving away from the original game title, we've gone ahead and made some major changes to game play and art style.. We've changed the direction of the project to the point that many of the...
  14. TRADE Project Neurobiscuit; Looking for tileset\pixel artist

    Engine: RPGMV Info on the project: Project Neurobiscuit We've been working on this project for just over a year now, and it’s reached a point where we must face the fact that default art assets will not grant us the ability to realize the vision our team has for the project, to that end we...
  15. Resources free for commercial use?

    Are all the resources you buy in the rpgmaker store free for commercial use on rpgmaker games? If not, which ones can't I use? I can't find an answer. This is my first post, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.
  16. Snowy Fox

    Selling Resources?

    Greetings! I've been working on a music pack for commercial release for some time now, and it's very nearly complete. How exactly does one go about requesting permission to sell resources through the RPG Maker website? There is also the issue that resources sold on the site are licensed only...
  17. EseQueL

    Ascendants: Power Rising (PC version update) [Both Mobile and PC version on sale!]

    The PC version is now updated to the latest version! And to celebrate, both mobile and PC version are now on sale! Mobile version (Google Play): PC version (updated): Story...
  18. Dream Syrup Games

    Graphical Shop plugin

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make a plugin for me for a graphical shop! I found one a short while ago that was perfect but...All of the instructions and credit rules are in Chinese, and I've tried messaging the OP of the plugin to get help for it, but I haven't gotten any reply...So...
  19. Tuomo L

    RPGMaker friendly review sites?

    Hey, I'm trying to find sites that would review my commercial game, which ones should I contact?
  20. McSundae

    Does a commercial game need a publisher?

    Hi guys, as some of you probably already know I'm working on a very big open world rpg with only original graphics and I was wondering if I will need a publisher to care of advertisement? Sure, I can also create some short videos and since we got green light it shouldn't be a problem to get the...

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