1. CleanWater

    Early Access is Worth it?

    Hello everyone! What's your opinion about Early Access games? Do you purchase it? Do you help the developer with worthy feedback? And you as a developer? Do you have any experience with an Early Access game of yours? Was it good? Thanks in advance!
  2. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse (First music piece released publicly!)

      FIRST SOUNDTRACK PIECE REVEALED! AURORA BEACH! LINK BELOW!   Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse is a Fantasy-RPG reminiscent of the old school Final Fantasy games.   The title is...

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forgot I drew Riley's message bust ages ago. They might be one of the most unique characters in the game so far.
37 years old...
What hath possessed me to start rapping, Lloyd only knows.

I think the worst part is, I am actually really good...

no... actually, the worst part is writing a song about bum rushing Gandalf to stop Frodo...
I don't even listen to rap.
Just finished v0.1 of FOSSIL. It's a plugin that lets you use MV plugins in MZ without editing them by making them use new functions.

I have about 40 plugins tested and working so far (including chrono engine and some other big ones). I hope that the community will pitch in and help improve it, so we can use all the old plugins in MZ. :)
I really lack discipline and find myself far too often giving into or at least seriously considering the temptation to start a new project rather than following through on a WIP that's no longer a shiny and new idea.

Does anyone have any strategies or tricks for making themselves follow through with things instead of doing this? Like that actually work?

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