1. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Ever play a game and then just stop for a moment to enjoy the artwork on the walls? This is my first attempt at creating a framed artwork sprite that could be utilized within a game. Very often, I find that developers lack the resources or don't notice the value when creating an in depth...
  2. StarSkipp

    RMXP Cover Your Eyes - Survival Horror

    Purchase on Steam Follow on Twitter Premise Cover Your Eyes is a traumatic 2D top down survival horror experience, focusing upon family, and the sacrifices we make to keep them safe. With two children under your care, you will have to fight, think and escape out of escalating circumstances...
  3. Custom Installer?

    I am working on what I hope to eventually be a commercial project in rpg maker 2003. I have discovered I don't care for the way the installer created by the engines look or flow (Unicode characters, blue screen, etc) and I am curious at all if it would break the license agreement for me to...
  4. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    Throughout my experience, I have always pondered the usage of a Pre Order "Bonus" incentive; when launching a commercial game. In today's age pre-ordering isn't as important nor relevant as it used to be. Regardless, pre-ordering has became an intricate cycle within the game development process...
  5. Tanarex

    A free for commercial use game Section.

    I just wanted to know if there could be a section to find graphic, music, etc that can be used for free for commercial games? By both staff and everyone else. 
  6. Brigg

    Is Altering RTP Graphics/Scripts a Violation?

    I've been searching for this the past few days with no solid answer. I purchased a legal license for RMVXA, so I'm comfortable with using the RTP for commercial use. I've created and added tilesets/scripts that I'll follow through with the free copy/credit given request. But I can't find a...

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