1. TayAyase


    ok I have three girls that needs to be looking like their portraits. (I'm on a phone and I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I always hear "you posted this in the wrong place so I moved it for you" in other conversations)
  2. SoapySlayer403

    Need a Mexican woman sprite

    I am currently in need of an overworld Mexican woman sprite. It would be great if this sprite could fit in with the default rpg maker tiles and character generator art. Please make the walking animation different. You are entitled to have anything you make. Credits to you will go in my game...
  3. roiaa

    2D Art dump

    DJ Sona Fan art Feel free to message me.
  4. Hyreal

    Character Art

    Sorry if I am not allowed to ask this here but it is related to my RPG maker MV game. Just wondering if anyone knows someone who would be able to do some paid commission work to draw me 8 characters for my game to use as bust pictures in conversations and face portraits for the menu/battle...
  5. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...

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