common event skill

  1. Skills with Common Events AND Multiple Turns Help

    So I have a character that uses a skill called "calculator" where it calls a common event where you pick numbers and symbols to determine what effect you want the attack to have, then it uses the force action command to do it. I have that part figured out fine, it works perfectly. However, later...
  2. coticka

    Actor-Specific Common Event Help?

    Simple idea at first glance. Use a consumable item on a party member through "Show Choices" since you can't specify a conditional branch through item use alone. They learn the skill. But, through the use of a conditional branch, If the skill exists then the item is returned and the common event...
  3. ChrisTheDestroyeR

    Call Common Event via Skill?

    Hi, durring some research I saw a post where someone said they used  this line "$game_temp.reserve_common_event(9)"                                                                                  I didn't catch where exactly he used it but can anyone tell me if I can use this on a skill? OR...

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