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  1. sheeshkebab1812

    Is it possible to activate a common event midbattle or change to change class?

    In my project I have a role who works as a berserker, I want it to work that when his TP reaches 100 he will turn from his basic class to this "berserker" version. I can do most things I want such as different stats, abilities (temporarily removing them from him until he reverts back at the...
  2. jkingery25

    Making a Magic spell book only work on those with Magic skill.

    I know this has been mentioned before, but the scripts that were mentioned don't seem to work. I want to be able to teach my characters to use a Magic spell through a book. But only those who can use the Magic or those who don't already have the spell can learn it. Does anyone have the updated...
  3. fruitso

    How can I make 'scannable' Events?

    So in the game I'm making, there are booby-trapped chests that give the player status ailments if they interact with them. What I want is for the player to have a key item that can scan chests to detect if they are 'safe' or not. I figured I can use a common event to trigger an 'if/else'...
  4. Merryjest

    Selecting Forced Skill Target After Common Event Call in Combat

    So, quick background on what I'm doing: I am implementing a combat move input feature similar to Sabin's in FFVI (though without the strict timing). I am using a common event to get this implemented. The player gets to input a 4 key combo that will trigger several potential magical effects...
  5. how do i make a common event that plays every time you enter a new map/area? (and doesn't repeat)

    for a common event to not loop and freeze the game, the trigger switch has to be off by the end. in order for it to play upon entering each area, the trigger switch has to be on by the end. i've tried autorun and parallel and any number of conditionals. and for whatever reason, "exit event...
  6. Lupinion

    How to turn a Hotspot into a Variable?

    A Common Event needs to check on the current status of a Hotspot on a Scene where this event is called in order to proceed. Does anybody know how to make this possible? I wish to make this Hotspot a Persistent Variable to be called by different Common Events that need to know the status of the...
  7. RMMV add variable after using item?

    this is connected to this plugin, but others else. I make all recipes locked till have the book to unlock a few of the recipes. <learn recipe #> the problem is the unlock can only fill 1 recipe. can't recipe 1, 3, 5. or from 1 - 5. there's a plugin command to unlock many by using 'crafting...
  8. Maximum Number of Common Events = 1000???

    Hi, I just discovered to my horror that MV isn't allowing me to go beyond 1000 Common Events! Is there a way to override this?
  9. Common Event Conditional Branch Switch off script call not working?

    I'm using Victor's ATB Script, and I'm wanting to make a Common Event where there's a switch, and when said switch is turned on, the ATB is set to 'Active' mode. And when its off, its set to 'Wait(semi-wait)'. (Like in the Final Fantasy games.) However, I've been trying everything, and for some...
  10. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Yanfly State Remove/Apply Common Event effects at the same time?

    I'm working on solving a larger issue but one solution I'm testing seems to be hindered at the moment. I am trying to play a common event when a state is applied by a skill but it also removes a state when it is used which I would also like to play a common event as it is removed. Part of...
  11. Mercedes90

    Random BGM? And "Switch OFF" BGM event IF Interacting with other certain events?

    I've been trying to make a parallel event that randomly plays BGM. But the problem is that they play only for a minute and then fade out even though the song is longer than that. Secondly, I've tried to do Switches so that the BGM event will deactivate when interacting with certain events...
  12. SoullessRenn

    Common event on level up.

    Hi guys! I need help with this. I want to give a player a certain item whenever player levels up. Problem is I don't know how to make a common event that will check if player leveled up. I tried something with variables as player lvl but it didnt work. Maybe there is a script that will help me...
  13. Chalk

    Common Events for Map-Based/Grid-Based/Tactical Battle

    Hello RPG Makies, hope you're all having a nice day. This thread is a series of questions for making an on-map battle system using mostly common events, with small, beginner-level scripting recommendations being encouraged. The main focus of the questions are around how much an everyday...
  14. Eliaquim

    Eli Message Common Event - Auto inserts common events into a event list before and after messages!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction There may be occasions or even systems where it is necessary to introduce certain commands or actions before and after each dialog in your game. Whether it's turning on a switch, playing a sound, changing a variable, showing an image, and so on. Doing this...
  15. valerieplanets

    how would i pull off persona style party member switching? (elaborated in post)

    basically in my game there are about 20 actors and 6 party member slots. i want to make a phone item that calls a common event and the common event will 1. asks what actor you want to switch with a party member 2. asks which party member you want to switch with 3. actually swaps those party...
  16. DesuSukopion

    Using a Laptop In-Game as if it were the real thing?

    The Title says it in as easy a way as I can put it, now to elaborate on why I am making a thread and what I am asking for advice on. I've an Item in this project I've been working on for a while, which is a Laptop. Nothing more, nothing less-And I'd like to have the player have the ability to...
  17. TijerinArt

    How to translate the text of a "Common Event".

    I created a "Common Event" in which I write text that appears in the video game. How can I get this text to appear in the VNM translation menu so that I can translate it along with the rest of the text? Is there a way to do this?
  18. C64_Mat

    Noob Query: Common, autorun, parallel events.

    Good morning you esteemed bunch of developers and problem solvers. Without wanting to necro any old threads, I have a few basic questions which I can't find satisfactory answers for. I'm hoping someone can help, and maybe help other people with the same general queries. Thank you in advance...
  19. RMMV Change event image by it's name from common event (solved)

    So I want to change a map event's image by referencing only its name from a common event. So, I could change the event image of a character 'Carl' to be an image of a bloodstain, for example. I found this code: "$gameMap._events.filter(function(event) { return event.event().name === 'EV001'...
  20. Problem with Common Event

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I seem to be having some trouble with a Common Event not playing when in Battle. I've set up both a Skill and an Item to play through a common event. The main idea is to check if the target has a specific state, and if it does, run through a...

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