common event

  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Quit Menu Common Event - Play a common event every time menu closes.

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You may want to increase a variable or turn on a switch automatically depending on what equipment the actors are using. Or, to do several things like changing the appearance of the character, increase speed, and more. This plugin allows you to do this check...
  2. KineticDog

    RMMV Pass Parameter When Calling Common Events

    Hi there. I would like to know if it's possible to pass parameters when calling a common events. This could make a lot of work easier. I already know a compromised way of achieving it, which is save the value in a variable first, and fetch it in common event. I just want to know if there is...
  3. Event that will run 3 random events each??

    How do I make a common event that will call 1 out of 3 other specific common events and then exclude the called common event and then call 1 out of the remaining specific common events until all specific common events are called? I don't know how to do this using variables...
  4. Random Panda

    RMMV Action Sequences and Common Events

    Hi all, I've noticed that if an action sequence is called via a forced skill, any common events within that action sequence will only play after the sequence is over instead of where they were placed within the action sequence. When the skill is is called by normal means (the player selecting...
  5. Kokonaugt

    How to fix a common event running without apparent reason

    Hello! I'm trying to create an item that gives a set number of XP to the actor that consumes it (later I'd like it to give a different number of XP depending on the actor, but I'm trying to get the first step working for now). Here is what I did : I created a new item named "IceCream", that...
  6. Acer2020

    RMMZ Common Event Buttons (Or Similar)

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I have a plugin request to make for RMMZ. My game has a system that allows the player to interact with objects and NPCs when approaching them. To complete this system, I need to be able to assign common events to keyboard keys...
  7. ScorchedGround

    [Guide] Simple Mana Leveling System (Custom Currencies)

    Hello everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I have been helping @Elliott404 with her leveling system during the past week. This is the Thread Unfortunately, we could not get it to work on her end and was thus abandoned. I did put considerable work and time into getting it to work...
  8. nathanlink169

    Organizing Items, Common Events, Enemies, Troops, and more

    Hi all, Whenever I make a game in RPG Maker, I find that I always end up with my Items, Common Events, Enemies, Troops, etc. lists all out of wack. I plan out my games far in advance, but inevitably there's always one entry that I forget about, and have to slot in somewhere. To mitigate this...
  9. AkisaNemo

    Item useable both in menu and battle, but common event runs only in menu.

    I added a consumable item that can be used in both menu and battle. I made a common event that would run if the player uses it in the menu, but the common event also run during a battle. I only want the common event to run in the menu and not during battle. Is there anyway I can do this? If...
  10. vivec360

    Sprite equiped Check

    Apologies, I'm sure this has been answered before. I am not a coder, I do the art but until I get a coder I'm handling that too. I've made a few outfit variants for the player. A variant for each slot so far. I attempted to use common events to switch the sprite based on equip. It works on...
  11. Moksock

    [Solved] Item used only in certain area

    Well im hoping i finally managed to put this in the correct section. I'm using RPG Maker MV. What i'm trying to make happen is there is an item called an Hourglass in my game i'm making that i only want used in certain maps, now in the screenshots i've provided it shows the two common events i...
  12. Eliaquim


    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You may want to increase a variable or turn on a switch automatically depending on what equipment the actors are using. Or, to do several things like changing the appearance of the character, increase speed, and more. This plugin allows you to do this check...
  13. [Solved] Firing a common event every time a message window is shown

    Hey, I want to have a common event fire each time the player sees a message, or any new window for that matter. I know the "reserveCommonEvent" method, just not really sure where to use it: $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent Tried the scene manager code, but couldn't get a consistent result. Please...
  14. tale

    Picture Button, Don't Touch Region [system related]

    Picture Button - 2015/11/05 (Ver1.02) Creator name: tomoaky ( Overview Start a common event by touch (mouse click) on the picture Requires the use of Show Picture event. Be sure set something up for specified common event Features: A picture that contains the...
  15. Halvgrim

    RPG Maker MV - Common event trigerd by skill?

    Hi smart people. I am making a game about the struggles of a small business owner. And I want to throw a business card at a customer(monster) in order to make them drop a job (item). It is basically a pokeball mechanic im looking to make. This is what i have so far: I have created a skill...
  16. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  17. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    I'm having trouble with assigning variables to an actor's ID during battles. At the moment, I have an item that, when used, sets a variable (35) to the ID of the actor using it, and then calls a common event that does conditional processing. It works great outside of battles, but does not...
  18. CuddleFox

    Increasing a variable with an item without using a common event

    Usually when you use an item that calls a common event, the menu closes, and the common event is played. But I programmed my menu myself in another common event. And I modified the script that calls the menu to call my common event menu instead. So when I use an item that calls a common event...
  19. KeeganKLM

    Return Label Plugin

    Return Label (version 1.000) by KeeganKLM This is a plugin made for RPG Maker MV version 1.6.2 Introduction This plugin allows you to call a Go To Label statement in a particular way so that the game remembers where it was called, so that it can be returned to later. Through this, you can...
  20. ct_bolt


    Description: Run common event (and/or call script) when variable(s) is changed. How To Use: Set up the list of Variable & Common Event, and/or Script Call (Optional) Pairings Additional Features: Download: OnChangeVariable Plugin: Click Here to Download History Log: Version 1.00 Initial...

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