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  1. Class ID for Skill Acquisation

    Hello, Basically, I'm having issues trying to setup a system where a party member can learn a skill by buying and using an item that gives them the skill. I have most of it worked out however I'm trying to make the skills/items, class specific. So, for example: Skill #1 can only be learned by...
  2. Kes

    Select another actor to attack for me

    I'm separating this out from a question I posed in the Custom Formula thread, as it doesn't look like that is the route to achieve what I want. When it comes to choosing an action for Actor X, I would like to be able to use a skill (which will probably call up a common event) to select another...
  3. How to make a teleportation device with multiple locations

    Hello, my name is Mike and this tutorial is going to show you how to set up a teleportation device as an item that can be used by your character to save 3 custom locations to travel to. This is free to use for free games and for commercial games, because remember, SHARING IS CARING! Now let's...
  4. Pixel Brady

    L & R buttons don't seem to work.

    Totally baffled here, the L/R functions do nothing I can see at the best of days and now I'm trying to make a common event to check whether they're bein' pressed to set it up to cycle through weapons, but every time the L button gets pressed I get a buzzer, not with R though, but neither will do...

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