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  1. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  2. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    I'm having trouble with assigning variables to an actor's ID during battles. At the moment, I have an item that, when used, sets a variable (35) to the ID of the actor using it, and then calls a common event that does conditional processing. It works great outside of battles, but does not...
  3. CuddleFox

    Increasing a variable with an item without using a common event

    Usually when you use an item that calls a common event, the menu closes, and the common event is played. But I programmed my menu myself in another common event. And I modified the script that calls the menu to call my common event menu instead. So when I use an item that calls a common event...
  4. KeeganKLM

    Return Label Plugin

    Return Label (version 1.000) by KeeganKLM This is a plugin made for RPG Maker MV version 1.6.2 Introduction This plugin allows you to call a Go To Label statement in a particular way so that the game remembers where it was called, so that it can be returned to later. Through this, you can...
  5. ct_bolt


    Description: Run common event (and/or call script) when variable(s) is changed. How To Use: Set up the list of Variable & Common Event, and/or Script Call (Optional) Pairings Additional Features: Download: OnChangeVariable Plugin: Click Here to Download History Log: Version 1.00 Initial...
  6. WheatTon

    Help with Steps Taken Skill

    I am attempting to make a weapon skill that uses a steps taken variable in the damage formula. I would like to put a maximum limit on it and for it to reset to 0 when you either unequip the weapon or use the skill. An example of the skill I am trying to make is the Traveler skill from Final...
  7. ZoeZero

    Adding common event option to YEP's Options Core

    How can I add a common event option to YEP's OptionsCore plugin? I've watched all the related videos and seen many forums (steams, rpg maker web), but couldn't find a tutorial to it. Is there a way to do it? What code should I use? I'd like to add the SRD's Translation Engine option to it, and I...
  8. CuddleFox

    A common event launched once by map

    Hello, I did a search and did not find a similar request. I would like to know if there is a way to make a common event launch once per map. I tried to put my common event in parallel process with a switch activated when the game was started. Without success.
  9. Cutscene item eventing issue

    I’m trying to make an item that plays a certain event scene once used trough the item menu... currently this item just warps the player character to a special cutscene map... The problem with this is that if i want to return the player to his original location... well i can’t, since i have to...
  10. Aranel

    Force Action command and animation

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to have my main character use commands that will make the other characters use a specific skill. I let the skill call a common event, which let's the 3 other party members use a unique attack skill, by "force action: character X, unique skill, random". This all works...
  11. Yawgmoth

    HIME_RandomEncounterEvents Plugin Setup for MV

    Hi all, I am trying out a new plugin that allows me to call a common event before a random encounter. In this case I am calling a battle intro. This plugin requires me to set a variable id in the plugin's parameters and create a common event. During test play it tells me to press F9 and alter...
  12. Problem with time progression event

    Hi! Sorry to bother with this question, but I'm having trouble with a common event I've been working with, so any help is welcome. First of all, I know there are scripts that achieves this very easily but I really love eventing. Having said that, this is my time progression system: First...
  13. Item common event closes menu

    I have a few items that run common events as soon as you use them and the common event runs it closes the menu window. Anyway to have item common events NOT close the menu? Obviously this gets very annoying if you need to use multiple items in a row.
  14. Fitferfer

    Menu auto-closing when common event calls

    Hello! In RPG Maker MV I'm attempting to have a skill mastery system, where you gain points for every use of a spell. So using a spell would increase a variable by 1, and at 100 points a new version of it unlocks. I'm using common events to increase the variables in question, which works great...
  15. fightingferrets

    [SOLVED] Yanfly Common Picture Events- Transparency issue

    Hello everyone! I've been a lurker for a while and am amazed at all the knowledgeable, helpful people on the forums. I hope my problem isn't a silly one. I'm having an issue with Yanfly's Picture Common Events. 1. I show picture with a transparent background on the screen, no problem. 2. I...
  16. Omega Weapon

    Updating States without exiting the main menu

    In my game I sometimes update states through common events and variables using some plugins. Is it possible to update the state display in the main menu without having to exit and reopen it? Say from the equip menu to main. I'm using Galv's Magic Shards and Victor Sant's Passive States, along...
  17. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] YEP Picture Common Events Issue

    Hey guys! So I have a two tile map for an event and the character. Basically I made the event show a picture and then through Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin when I click on the picture I wanted to open another picture or erase the current picture to see the one underneath. But no matter...
  18. Kristina

    Using Comment Event to speed boost

    Hello! I'm not sure what I do wrong here, so could use some fresh eyes. The idea is simple. When the player drinks a cup of coffee (item) they get a speed boost that last 30 seconds. So I thought making a comment event or two to be specific and link it to the item would do the trick, but I...
  19. Nilom

    Plugin to save common events

    Hello! Is there a plugin that can save common events when transfering on a different map? I have the following situation: Common Event: - code - code - code - player transfer to shop - code - player transfer back to map - code - code - code - etc. Instead of continuing the red parts above...
  20. cuby

    Plugin to run a common event on every player transfer -- does this exist?

    Call me crazy but I was sure I saw this somewhere just a few months ago, but now no amount of searching is turning up anything. It's not on the master list either! I need a common event to run on each "transfer player" command. If anyone has any info please let me know, otherwise I'll have to...

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