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  1. Item common event closes menu

    I have a few items that run common events as soon as you use them and the common event runs it closes the menu window. Anyway to have item common events NOT close the menu? Obviously this gets very annoying if you need to use multiple items in a row.
  2. Fitferfer

    Menu auto-closing when common event calls

    Hello! In RPG Maker MV I'm attempting to have a skill mastery system, where you gain points for every use of a spell. So using a spell would increase a variable by 1, and at 100 points a new version of it unlocks. I'm using common events to increase the variables in question, which works great...
  3. fightingferrets

    [SOLVED] Yanfly Common Picture Events- Transparency issue

    Hello everyone! I've been a lurker for a while and am amazed at all the knowledgeable, helpful people on the forums. I hope my problem isn't a silly one. I'm having an issue with Yanfly's Picture Common Events. 1. I show picture with a transparent background on the screen, no problem. 2. I...
  4. Omega Weapon

    Updating States without exiting the main menu

    In my game I sometimes update states through common events and variables using some plugins. Is it possible to update the state display in the main menu without having to exit and reopen it? Say from the equip menu to main. I'm using Galv's Magic Shards and Victor Sant's Passive States, along...
  5. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] YEP Picture Common Events Issue

    Hey guys! So I have a two tile map for an event and the character. Basically I made the event show a picture and then through Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin when I click on the picture I wanted to open another picture or erase the current picture to see the one underneath. But no matter...
  6. Kristina

    Using Comment Event to speed boost

    Hello! I'm not sure what I do wrong here, so could use some fresh eyes. The idea is simple. When the player drinks a cup of coffee (item) they get a speed boost that last 30 seconds. So I thought making a comment event or two to be specific and link it to the item would do the trick, but I...
  7. Nilom

    Plugin to save common events

    Hello! Is there a plugin that can save common events when transfering on a different map? I have the following situation: Common Event: - code - code - code - player transfer to shop - code - player transfer back to map - code - code - code - etc. Instead of continuing the red parts above...
  8. cuby

    Plugin to run a common event on every player transfer -- does this exist?

    Call me crazy but I was sure I saw this somewhere just a few months ago, but now no amount of searching is turning up anything. It's not on the master list either! I need a common event to run on each "transfer player" command. If anyone has any info please let me know, otherwise I'll have to...
  9. KChasm

    I'm definitely programming something wrong here, but for god's sake, what?

    So I've got a puzzle in my game wherein you place four cards in four picture frames (plus a fifth frame in the room over), and if you press a button in the next room and all the right cards are in the right picture frames, the door opens. Else, you die. Problem is, I'm doing...SOMETHING wrong...
  10. Nilom

    SetMoveMoute Script for Event [solved]

    Hello everyone! I'm seaching the forums and google up and down to find a working script command for moving events with a parralel process common event. What does not work in my case is everything with " this. ". Because I absolutely need the script call to be in a parallel process. Before I...
  11. How do you control common events with basic map variables?

    So, I’ve been dealing with this problem for a pretty long time, and I literally *cannot* find any tutorial. I want to create raindrops, and I created a common event, containing the images and inner processing of the raindrops. Now, my biggest problem is that I *do not* know how to use variables...
  12. Ebanyle

    Talk to Followers

    Do your characters feel lonely even if they are accompanied? Are you lost, with no hints of what to do? With the Talk To Follower system, no more! Unless your follower is also lost, but at least you are not alone. Warning: This system mostly requires a "Turn Around" system. You can use...
  13. Kinni

    Help with Scripting Common Event

    I am here with a request that's both simple and complex. I'll try to speak only the essentials, but if you want more details, just ask: First, some background. In my game, each actor will have a few variables associated with them. My question has to do with common events affecting those...
  14. p0_boy

    Stuck In Place After Transfer Player

    Hello, everybody- I am running into a problem and wonder if any of you can please help me out? I am trying to streamline the way my character moves from one map to the other using a Common Event and a Map Event but upon executing it, my character is transferred to the other map but is stuck...
  15. Plyastudio

    problem with common event

    I have a problem with a common event. I'm simulating a battle and at the first time this common event works perfectly, but if my protagonists go into game over and I select to retry to start the battle again, when they come to this common event, all simply get stuck in the marked point (I tried...
  16. tale

    Restart Common Event

    Restart Common -2019/03/12 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Restart parallel common event from the beginning Plugin Command RestartCommon 3 Input common event number after RestartCommon Note: Plugin works for RPG Maker MV version 1.6 or above Credit and Thanks: kido0617 Terms of Use-...
  17. Skill that changes a class trait?

    I have my game set up to have single, dual wield and 2 handed weapons, I did this by changing the names "weapons" and "shield" to "main hand" and "off hand" in equipment types. I then used the traits section for weapons to either say a weapon can be dual weilded which allows use of that weapon...
  18. Script call or plugin that simulates game pause and blur when you open the main menu

    I'm looking for a script call or plugin that does not open the main menu, but simulates the game pausing and blurring when you open the main menu. When I pause the game to open the main menu, I want the game to stay paused and blurred when I use an item from the item menu that runs a common...
  19. Common event at pause menu?

    Is there anyway that I can have an common event active in pause screen? Common event only effect at map and at battle, can I make it to effect on pause menu?
  20. Common event called by skill soft locks/freezes game in battle

    I've implemented"chaser" skills from Etrian Odyssey in my game. These skills basically allow a character an immediate attack when another character uses a skill of a specific element. For example: 1. Char 1 uses "Air Chaser" and is inflicted with the "Air Chaser" state. 2. Char 2 uses Empyrean...

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