common event

  1. Yulia

    Common event menu command.

    Is there a way to create a small plugin that only adds one new command to the menu that will call a common event?? I only need this one function so I don't want to use any complicated plugins like Yanfly's if it's possible.
  2. Skills with Common Events AND Multiple Turns Help

    So I have a character that uses a skill called "calculator" where it calls a common event where you pick numbers and symbols to determine what effect you want the attack to have, then it uses the force action command to do it. I have that part figured out fine, it works perfectly. However, later...
  3. Helper

    hi!! Still kinda new to this whole event design things so I was hoping I can get some help with some stuff. Anyone know a really good way of making a sort of helper character that gives advice as you progress through the game when you press a button? Kinda like Navi in Ocarina of time. I would...
  4. San

    How to cancel a Common Event attached to a Skill if said skill fails?

    Right now the Common Event runs regardless if the skill hits the enemy or not. How do I make the Common Event run only when the skill successfully hits its target? Can I cancel the Common Event if the attack miss?
  5. Shapeshift skill for merging stats of 2 actors

    Hi everyone. I'm sorry for my inexperience but I have yet another problem in my game. I wanted to create a skill that would set the player into a "Hero form". In the game, the player meets a soul of a deceased hero who is guiding and helping the player on their quests. The player should have...
  6. Gniani

    [Solved] Time Cycle resets when changing maps

    I created a common event that uses a variable called time, each 600 frames (10 seconds) it increases by 1 (240 seconds to make 24 hours in the game), then another common event using conditions to make time progress, but when i change the map, the cycle resets, time was 10, it will go back to 0...
  7. imdb55

    [Solved] Step counting items and Pausing step count on cutscene

    Hello, I've been working on items that count player's step (Such as elixirs) that will be expired on step counts. Right now I'm working on Repel/Lure item using Yanfly's plugin (I do not have any problems on creating that effect). I using an event "Control Variables: Steps = Steps" to count...
  8. posfan12

    Parallel common event

    I need an event to fire once when a map loads, and then extinguish itself. This seems to work okay for a regular event. I am trying to do this via a common event, however. Can a common event be configured to fire at the beginning of a game? Do I set the common event to parallel? What do I do...
  9. Jachan

    Weapons Don't Do With Common Events?!

    While I was working on one of my projects, I got Common-Event (combined with skills) worked properly and was going to put those up-to-ten Common-Event skills in each weapon (think of it as pre-installed materias on FF7 weapons)...... Started to notice that the weapons' trait don't actually have...
  10. Thordon123

    Combo system with Common Events

    Gilgamar State Common Events: Hey, so I'm working on a combo system for my game that works like this: Every character has three basic attacks- call them Red, Blue, and Green Each attacks "marks" the enemy with a Red...
  11. Luckysince97

    About Common event limitation

    So i got a processing issue and i wanna know what are the limitation of common event process... To explain my situation a bit, i got multiple switch[24], in a serie of : if 1 [on] learn weapon [1] or if 2 till 25 but after a few line the process stop to be read and the on stay off even if the...
  12. Faherya

    Checkpoint and GameOver

    Hello people, good night / afternoon / day. I'm trying to create a checkpoint system, but I could not identify where Game Over is called to be able to replace the code. I imagine there are two ways: when the player loses a battle and when his character dies from damage on the map. The first one...
  13. Make sound depending on what tile you're on

    Hey all! I'm making a Banjo-Kazooie sequel on RPG XP and having a ton of fun. This board has been a great resource but recently I've been having fairly specific questions that I need help on! I'm creating a beach world and I would like certain tiles to have "wet" footstep sounds, and certain...
  14. tale

    Call Common Event By Name

    CallCommonEventByName Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Plugin command that calls Common Event by name. Features Use "Plugin Command" to call the name of a common event For example- CallCommon [insert common event name] Calls the common event name "arg1" ※ About CallCommon Since...
  15. T_TJoker

    common event call in Menu

    Hi, not sure if any one can help me, but im looking for a script for rpgvx that allows players to call a common event through the Menu. looking forward working with you
  16. Yawgmoth

    Subclass Conditional Branch Item

    Hi everyone, So I'm using RPG Maker MV and both Yanfly's Class Core and Subclass plugins. I don't want players to be able to change classes from a menu and am only allowing players to ever gain one subclass. There are only three primary classes in the game so I tried creating an item (Wiz'Ma...
  17. Indsh

    Pause game

    So I am creating a game which has an ABS. When things are ''Calm" you can change your formation but when things are "Crazy" a further option screen opens up, through a common event, so you can control the AI of your party. What I would like to know is how to "Pause" the game in the same way...
  18. Randy

    Object Oriented Map Events

    I'm making a game that allows you to collect alchemy resources like flowers and herbs. There's a global timer to reset the resources every 2 days. These resources are currently map events that are made on a test map and then copied into their places in the world map. The problem is that if I...
  19. coticka

    Actor-Specific Common Event Help?

    Simple idea at first glance. Use a consumable item on a party member through "Show Choices" since you can't specify a conditional branch through item use alone. They learn the skill. But, through the use of a conditional branch, If the skill exists then the item is returned and the common event...
  20. Exayda

    Common Event Image Transition Help?

    I would like to make a common event that uses a sequence of pictures to emulate the animation effects from videos. I would like for the animation to be able to loop, branch off into other animation sequences and end via choices and or buttons. I believe this possible via common events alone...

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