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  1. Making a skill do a follow up hit if the enemy has a certain state.

    Howdy all, I'm new here and I didn't see a topic to introduce myself but that's neither here nor there. As the title suggest I'm trying to make a skill that will do physical damage once to a target, however if the opponent is afflicted with lets say poison than there would be a 50% chance that...
  2. Move other events with Common event

    I'm trying to use a common event to move other events on a map and it isn't working. In the editor, the move commands (in the common event) point to the right events when I am currently looking at the map those events are on, but point to random events when looking at different maps. This...
  3. Amarok

    Triggering common event every time a variable increases/decreases by x amount?

    So im trying to add a bit of strategy to my game by using a turn based system on the overworld. (Think the total war games or Civilization) I already know how to trigger events and change things when X turn is reached. But i also need certain events to trigger after every 3 turns pass, for...
  4. How do I make a common event-item only effect the actor using it?

    I want an item that plays music when used. After the music is done playing, I want a question mark balloon to appear above the actor that used the item. There's three active actors in my game. I have tried many different methods, but I've only been able to make the question mark balloon to...
  5. piksalh

    Conditional branch if key is only pressed for a short time, but not being holded

    Howdy, Is it possible to set that conditional branch in the common parallel event will only activate if specific key is pressed for a short time, but not if being holded? Because strange things happens if player holds the key. Normally this event should not repeat and would end after one cycle...
  6. DrinkableTrees

    Simple Common Event not appearing in conversation.

    Hey RPG MAKER Forums! I seem to be undergoing a really simple problem that I can't seem to wrap my head around. I'd really appreciate any secondhand input y'all have to offer! :) So, I have attached two images of two common events I have set up. Through many points in the game (be it through...
  7. CharacterDesignist

    Common Event whenever new skill is learned

    Hello everyone! In my game, skills are learned through job levels and can only be used if they're equipped. Because of the adjusted job level mechanic, newly learned skills don't show up in the aftermath. However, that isn't a big problem for me: I'd prefer for a simple pop-up to appear after...
  8. Daena Grey

    Common Event + Save = WRYYYYY

    I will be very very swift. After having spent quite a bit of time bringing my project up to completion-I have noticed that there is one nifty addition I could implement. Thanks to Vlue's Advanced Game Time script, and Yanfly's Save Engine, I thought that I could PERHAPS display, on the Save...
  9. Running common

    Hi I would like to run a common event right after I hit ESC after I change formation So I want to put a JS code right after the function (put it in "code here") Scene_Menu.prototype.onFormationCancel = function() { if (this._statusWindow.pendingIndex() >= 0) {...
  10. Common Event-Based Skill Effects

    Say that I wanted to create a skill that will allow a character to increase another character's ex-parameter or sp-parameter by a value relative to one of their own parameters. I.E.: Character A has 13 agility, and can use the skill to increase another character's evasion by 13%. Then, A levels...
  11. The_Ez

    Need some help with Autonomous Movement and Common Events

    Hey all, I'm trying to make some semi-advanced pathing routes for my game. Time, NPC type, etc, will all affect where they go and what they do, but I also want them to remain interact-able and not have hundreds of event specific common events. I've settled on using...
  12. amptcat

    [help] Conditional choices based on who's in party

    Okay, so i have a script that lets me bind the T key to bring up a choice menue (in common events) How i want this to function is to have conversations with the current party members, so: Press T - shows each party member Select party member - start conversation tree progress as usual. So far...
  13. BishoujoHelper

    SOLVED: get ID of selected/used item in Common Event?

    So, there's some deliberately useless items that the party can accumulate. In the original game that I'm creating a conversion of, there was a menu command to (D)rop an item, then select the # of the item in the inventory list. In RMMV, it's going the other way, and in the Items screen you...
  14. Wrongful

    Run Common Events in a State?

    Hello! I have been trying out some new things for my game. Right now, I'm trying to make an item that can only be used in battle, heals 5HP every turn until the battle is over or the player runs out of gold, and every turn, drains 1 gold from the player after use. I set up a common event to deal...
  15. Common event in battle problem...

    hi i was looking for the answer on the net and in the forum, but i can find it... the question is: how do you stop a common event from happening if the enemy misses the attack example: Goblin uses triple slash and this attack has a common event that will destroy the helmet of the hero, BUT if...
  16. Nantas

    Solved : very little plugin about switches

    Hello everyone ! Some time ago I posted a new thread in the questions' forum about my time system. I've achieved to make the events disappear when the game is at a certain time (20 o' clock for example), creating a common event in a parallel process checking if the gametime is at certain hours...
  17. Val

    How to update a new version of Common Events List with an old save file in a project?

    Hi everyone, I want to know if there is a way to Update a new version of Common Events in a already saved files of a RPG Maker MV project? Ex: I have done my version 0.5 of my game and I added new Commun Events in the list in version 0.6, but when I try to test this with an old save file it's...
  18. Eraine

    Check if Selfswitch in ON in Common Event?

    I want to know if there is a scriptcall to check if a certain events selfswitch is ON that I can use in a common event. Maybe a call I can use in the conditional branch/script section? I know how to switch an events selfswitch by a scriptcall in a common event, but I only want to switch it off...
  19. Sound effect stops BGM

    In a common event I have a sound effect play, but when it does, its stops the BGM. The common event in question is itself called from another common event. I have done tests and found that in a normal event, the bgm and sound affect can occur simultanioously. It is only in the common events...
  20. Roseredpinball

    How to assign a common event to a key on my keyboard?

    Maybe I'm just stupid, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this. Is it even possible or do I need a script in order to assign common events to keys on my keyboard? If so, could you recommend a script for doing so? For example, I would like it if pressing T on your keyboard...

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