common event

  1. Variables Problem : RMVX doesn't recognize actor parameters ?

    Hello again ! I'm sorry if I'm hogging the forums, but this is a beloved project of mine and I'm something of a beginner in RPG Maker. As you can see in the file attached, I've got a parallel process common event that's supposed to mimic the effects of withdrawal. I know I've done the switches...
  2. Jump Help

    Hey Guys. I am trying to make a common event where you can push a button and your char will jump forward two spaces (to jump over holes and what not) I got the jumping to work but he will jump regardless of what he lands on... how do i make it so people can't just jump onto things, and right...
  3. Delay with Input.trigger or am I just messing up?

    So after spending some time, I couldn't find a way to make an overworld punching actions for my character. I came up with a common even that changes the characters sprite quickly to display a "punching" action which works with other events in game. The problem that I am running into is that the...
  4. SaintKrol

    Common Event - Check for Armor "type" currently wearing

    Using RPG VX Ace Hey folks! I can successfully create a "Common Event" with a Conditional branch, to see if an actor is wearing a certain armor item, such as Common Clothes, or Leather Armor. However, I would like to take that a step further, and instead, I'd like to check if the actor is...
  5. ZendarDarklighter

    Dropping Items

    Hey peoples! So, just to see if I can, I've been working on remaking the classic text adventure game Zork!  But I've run into a problem with dropping items.  My idea is to use an in game menu the player accesses by pressing "a" while on the map, and then use the choice system and common events...
  6. How to Create a New Event Page in the Middle of an Event.

    Basically, I want my npc s to say something different everytime you talk to them.  I'm trying to create an easy way to do it, because I'll do it over and over again.  (Common Event).  The easiest way I can think to do that is to have the common event make a new event page.  Is there a way to do...
  7. Rion Requiel

    Affinity System Help

    Alright so I am determined to make a working "Affinity System" for the game I am working on. Basically the entire party is made up of couples. For this I will be using 2 of them as an Example. So I am playing with my Common Events and the like and working with Variables. Now I have labeled this...
  8. Have Party Members Stay Put During Player Move Route

    I'm not sure how I should do this but, I want to have an have the other party members stay where they are while the player does a move route which at the end returns the player where he was.  Even if I turned off the party members and used events once I turned the members back on they would be...
  9. Conross2479

    Making a variable clear after battle?

    I have an actor with two skills. The first increases the value of a variable. The second deals damage based on the value of said variable and sets it to 0. The issue here is that since I'm using variables the stacks carry over after battles, meaning the player could get these stacks to...
  10. Kes

    Common Event on parallel process not working.

    Objective The script I am referring to in this is Shaz's mouse script here: but that is not the issue. I want to give the player the choice of enabling or disabling the mouse.  This can be done by...
  11. Class ID for Skill Acquisation

    Hello, Basically, I'm having issues trying to setup a system where a party member can learn a skill by buying and using an item that gives them the skill. I have most of it worked out however I'm trying to make the skills/items, class specific. So, for example: Skill #1 can only be learned by...
  12. Kes

    Select another actor to attack for me

    I'm separating this out from a question I posed in the Custom Formula thread, as it doesn't look like that is the route to achieve what I want. When it comes to choosing an action for Actor X, I would like to be able to use a skill (which will probably call up a common event) to select another...
  13. How to make a teleportation device with multiple locations

    Hello, my name is Mike and this tutorial is going to show you how to set up a teleportation device as an item that can be used by your character to save 3 custom locations to travel to. This is free to use for free games and for commercial games, because remember, SHARING IS CARING! Now let's...
  14. Pixel Brady

    L & R buttons don't seem to work.

    Totally baffled here, the L/R functions do nothing I can see at the best of days and now I'm trying to make a common event to check whether they're bein' pressed to set it up to cycle through weapons, but every time the L button gets pressed I get a buzzer, not with R though, but neither will do...

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