common event

  1. Bobstah

    Bobstah's Critical Common Event 1.0

    Introduction This plugin allows you to call a common event whenever an actor or enemy lands a critical hit. This plugin will be expanded and renamed in the future, but is being released as-is due to delays in getting it completed. This plugin was completed as requested by Anonymous. Features...
  2. Torqus

    Common Event Window

    Common Event Window v1.00   Free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. Credit will be appreciated, but not needed.   This plugin will add a customizable scene to your game. In it, the player will be able to choose from a list of commands that will trigger common events. You can...
  3. hammershark

    Dynamic Timers and Event Starters

    First, thank you anyone for taking the time to read this. I've been working on a game for the better part of 3 years quietly. I really like some of the new features in RPG Maker MV and its been especially helpful with other recent scripts in debugging and translating all of my previous work...
  4. brendonx

    Creating a Skill That Inflicts Status On The User?

    Hi All. First time poster here, so sorry if this is breaking any rules but, I'm trying to create a skill that will inflict a status effect on the user, not on the enemy. I've tried making a skill that activates a common event which inflicts the status to a certain character but that doesn't...
  5. Kistulot

    Disable Player Followers via event?

    Hello everyone! This is probably something really easy that I'm just missing, buuuuut... Basically, my thought process was that I wanted to be able to have the full party walking around behind the lead actor, but in some sequences that might get a bit messy, cramped, tight, etc. One of my...
  6. Common event problem

    I made a common event for footsteps to happen whenever down, left, right, and up is pressed so it looks like the character is walking with a sound effect. My problem is that when the character hits an object like the wall for example, the sound effect keeps playing if the button is being...
  7. LTN Games

    Current scene check

    I am wondering if there is a way to check if the current scene active is scene_map. I am using a common event to equip my items into my Falcao abs slots, but the problem is when my ABS uses the item it recalls the common event to equip or unequip. So I am wondering if there is a way to check...
  8. Help: Item that changes class

    Hi. I am trying to make items in my game which when used can change a characters class. There will only be four characters in the game. The image is how I would like (or think it would happen) You would select the item in the menu and it would ask who would like to use the item. You select the...
  9. nio kasgami

    Luna Engine CP Commands Snipset "command_common_event" {tutorial}

    Here after someone asked me to help him in the CP luna command he wanted to be able to call common event so I wrote a method who call the common_event in the scene_Menu. it's not modify any codes of CP {who already have the option to call method } it's intend to show to people who are not so...
  10. lithkast

    Eventing a Battle System - fixing a key press issue

    So I'm trying to see how much of an Action Battle System I can make without using any third party scripts.  Its more of a test for me to see how far I can get with just eventing, so that maybe in the future I wont have to use as many scripts.  So anyways, here is the problem I'm encountering...
  11. Seriel

    Jackus Snippets | 002 - Common event on Load

    Mirror Topic at Hello! This is the second of my 'Jackus Snippets' series!   This one loads a Common Event every time you load a save file and/or everytime you start a New Game.   Anyway....     Screenshots   Demo     Download   License       Thanks for reading! Some feedback...
  12. Seriel

    Door Event not working?

    Ok, so I was trying some stuff on RMXP, when I fell in love with it again... Yay. So I was making a village, but my Door Event doesn't work. Details: So, the door event is like this: The common event is this: Yet for some reason, when I enter the door, it makes the Sound Effect, changes...
  13. Variables Problem : RMVX doesn't recognize actor parameters ?

    Hello again ! I'm sorry if I'm hogging the forums, but this is a beloved project of mine and I'm something of a beginner in RPG Maker. As you can see in the file attached, I've got a parallel process common event that's supposed to mimic the effects of withdrawal. I know I've done the switches...
  14. Jump Help

    Hey Guys. I am trying to make a common event where you can push a button and your char will jump forward two spaces (to jump over holes and what not) I got the jumping to work but he will jump regardless of what he lands on... how do i make it so people can't just jump onto things, and right...
  15. Delay with Input.trigger or am I just messing up?

    So after spending some time, I couldn't find a way to make an overworld punching actions for my character. I came up with a common even that changes the characters sprite quickly to display a "punching" action which works with other events in game. The problem that I am running into is that the...
  16. SaintKrol

    Common Event - Check for Armor "type" currently wearing

    Using RPG VX Ace Hey folks! I can successfully create a "Common Event" with a Conditional branch, to see if an actor is wearing a certain armor item, such as Common Clothes, or Leather Armor. However, I would like to take that a step further, and instead, I'd like to check if the actor is...
  17. ZendarDarklighter

    Dropping Items

    Hey peoples! So, just to see if I can, I've been working on remaking the classic text adventure game Zork!  But I've run into a problem with dropping items.  My idea is to use an in game menu the player accesses by pressing "a" while on the map, and then use the choice system and common events...
  18. How to Create a New Event Page in the Middle of an Event.

    Basically, I want my npc s to say something different everytime you talk to them.  I'm trying to create an easy way to do it, because I'll do it over and over again.  (Common Event).  The easiest way I can think to do that is to have the common event make a new event page.  Is there a way to do...
  19. Rion Requiel

    Affinity System Help

    Alright so I am determined to make a working "Affinity System" for the game I am working on. Basically the entire party is made up of couples. For this I will be using 2 of them as an Example. So I am playing with my Common Events and the like and working with Variables. Now I have labeled this...
  20. Have Party Members Stay Put During Player Move Route

    I'm not sure how I should do this but, I want to have an have the other party members stay where they are while the player does a move route which at the end returns the player where he was.  Even if I turned off the party members and used events once I turned the members back on they would be...

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