1. 22pepperjack

    Battle starting test command?

    Hopefully this is the right forum, and hopefully a fairly quick problem to fix. I'm trying to put together a common event that runs the moment a battle is initiated, whether that be randomly or by force. However since a conditional branch for "is battle processing?" doesn't exist, I'm not sure...
  2. 22pepperjack

    Calling Yanfly Options Menu from Common Event

    so im setting up a series of common events in conjunction with Yanfly's button common events so that players can open different menus with a simple button press. however, i cant seem to find the right script call to open Yanfly's Options Menu window. anyone have any idea which script/plugin...
  3. Parallel trigger on Show image?

    Just a question. Does code like this Common event If variable 1 show picture 1 If variable 2 show picture 2 If variable 3 show picture 3 which constantly check for variable and change clothes to that number breaks performance by constantly loading images or something? Just to make...
  4. tale

    Call Common Event By Name

    CallCommonEventByName Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Plugin command that calls Common Event by name. Features Use "Plugin Command" to call the name of a common event For example- CallCommon [insert common event name] Calls the common event name "arg1" ※ About CallCommon Since...
  5. Exayda

    Common Event Image Transition Help?

    I would like to make a common event that uses a sequence of pictures to emulate the animation effects from videos. I would like for the animation to be able to loop, branch off into other animation sequences and end via choices and or buttons. I believe this possible via common events alone...
  6. Common event in battle problem...

    hi i was looking for the answer on the net and in the forum, but i can find it... the question is: how do you stop a common event from happening if the enemy misses the attack example: Goblin uses triple slash and this attack has a common event that will destroy the helmet of the hero, BUT if...
  7. Plugin for self-variables in common events

    Hi everyone! How are you?  So I released an action rpg game about a year ago, and after a lot of updates I decided that the most intelligent thing to do was move each type of enemy to a common event so that I don't have to manually make every update in every single event in every single map...
  8. vectorinox

    Run common event for another event.

    Is there a way to make an event cause another event to run a common event? Something like putting a script call: "run.event( common event id, event id)" inside an event, which cause the event to make the event with the id runs the common event with the id. Sorry for the eventception.
  9. KanaX

    Yanfly's Picture Common Events Touch Trigger ?

    According to the plugin's description, one of the triggers I could choose from is "touching" the selected picture with my cursor, no clicks, or click combination. However, after checking the instructions and downloading the plugin itself, I can only find triggers/parameters that have to do with...
  10. PkGames


    pk_CommonMenuEvents   by PkGames Introduction This is my first ever JS file *yay!* This script allows you to have an additional 4 in game menu options that you can define in the script thanks to its easy layout and instructions and you can manipulate those options with plugin...
  11. Kip

    Parallel Event processing during battles

    My goal is to Create a custom battle system in which each attack uses a small "mini game" to determine whether or not the attack will be a success or a failure.   I will gladly commission any coder/scripter who thinks they might be able to help me accomplish this goal. If you are...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Common Event Logger

    Name: Common Event Logger Version: 1.2 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-12   What does it do? Simply logs all executing common events to console.   Screenshots:   Plugin: <GitHub> How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button...
  13. Silent Darkness

    Run a common event every time an attack is used

    I'd love a plugin that causes a common event to run whenever an attack is performed, by default. Perhaps put in a notetag option to force disable it.
  14. RainbowGrenade

    Help with game over common event

    I'm using Kread-EX's Game Over Common Event script, and it's working great.  The only problem is that after dying once, you can't die again.  I'm not sure if this has something to do with the fact that I'm using XAS ABS or not.  If someone could help me figure out this issue, I'd be very...
  15. Helladen

    State Common Events

    Introduction This is a script I wrote that allows you to call Common Events when a State is added or removed. It's very useful, if you want to control the state's functionality more so than default system allows via turn start/end counters.     Optional Common Events may not work in battle for...
  16. Silent Darkness

    Variables not changing like they should be

    This is a continuation of a problem alluded to in another thread ( ) but I am making another thread since the problem i'm having now is not directly related to this, I don't think. When I test out...
  17. [VXA] Making a common event party command with Yanfly Battle Command List? (or another script)

    So I'm using Battle Command List which allows for custom handlers but I cannot figure out how to make custom party commands. For example, Escape is a party command. But I'd also like the ability to do things like...
  18. Droth

    Enemy force action target help

    Hey, So I've been trying to design a boss fight with a mechanic where the boss calls out his target, issues a warning in text and then a turn later uses the skill. I'm using Tsukihime's Cast time script for the delay. So the attack works like this: Boss uses first ability, which chooses a target...
  19. Silent Darkness

    What are the common causes for script lockup?

    Quite often when i'm trying to get a script to work just right, it "locks up". In other words, can't input anything, no menus appear, nothing except the need to Alt-F4. I know there's some obvious reason why a script lockup happens, but I thought it might be good to make this thread to try and...
  20. skill that adds party members?

    hi, I was wondering if there is some way you could have a skill that is one-time use but adds party members. The scenario I would like to use this in is: you are on a rescue mission to save a friend from a cell, but are caught in the act. I would (and can - I am using the yanfly engine) make it...

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