1. Finmide

    Common event leveling system troubles

    For my game I was making a custom leveling system that will allow flexibility on the players stats and the rest of their party's stats. So I figured I would have it run as a common event in the background. However I didn't realize until testing it that every time you enter into a room it...
  2. Luozcurator

    How to add a gallery?

    I seek help and guidance adding a gallery to my menu option! I am using yanfly's main menu manager and common event menu plugins. OK, maybe this a misnomer. I already have a way to add the gallery. I use a common event that displays the common event menu when the menu option is selected. This...
  3. Adding Command To Menu and making it do something.

    I goto select my new command for bestiary, but it won't do anything except freeze game even though i have common event set to do something. Heres the code:
  4. Iliketea

    Running common event when state runs out

    Hi there, I am trying to have a common event run once a certain state is either removed or runs out. I am using Yanflys Buff and State core for the custom remove/leave effect notetag but the way I set it up doesnt work. Since I dont know javacript I have no clue what is wrong. <Custom Remove...
  5. Jonforum

    how exit commonevent ? in script ?

    hi  How exit commonevent with script ? For call a commonevent the script is  $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(n); but for force to exit is what? i try this  $GameTemp.clearCommonEvent(n); no work tanks for help my reason is this. I need to force out if this variable are...

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