1. Actor Image problem

    So, currently stuck i've been making like a multi branch transformation sequence for my character and in this picture Rosemi is supposed to activate upon calling from a Skill earth key, but when i run the game when i activate the earth key the image that is called is that of Pomu, they are...
  2. lordvalinar

    [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    Kill Quest Assistant (v1.0) LordValinar Introduction This plugin was designed to assist "kill quests" in mind. Basically you get a quest to kill 10 bandits, and you want a variable to increase for each bandit you kill, but doing so with vanilla RPG Maker is difficult since "if enemyHP % <= 0"...
  3. PkGames


    pk_CommonMenuEvents   by PkGames Introduction This is my first ever JS file *yay!* This script allows you to have an additional 4 in game menu options that you can define in the script thanks to its easy layout and instructions and you can manipulate those options with plugin...
  4. Moo :D

    State Immediately Trigger Common Event

    Hi Community! : D Is there anyway to trigger a common event from a state immediately? I'm thinking this might require a script but maybe there is another way? Waiting till the end of the turn for a battle event check is too long, I need the state to trigger the common event as soon as its...

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