1. _Shadow_

    I need the community's opinion on something.

    I plan to make a tutorial that will distill all the knowledge gathered around our forum members, on copyright issues, intellectual property issues, what you should do, what you are allowed to do, what you should not do and stuff like that, with a lot of details, so people can be educated on that...
  2. VitaliaDi

    Question for Everyone:What do you look for in an RPG Maker Game?

    A lot of us here are game creators as well as players. I know lots of people, including myself, got into RPG Maker after playing a game made in it. I know that when I'm playing a game or looking for one I look for good graphics, either novel or just pretty in general. And I love a good story...
  3. Kikeluzi

    Let's Help Driftwood

    I think it's allowed to post here, but I've not saw anything about (sorry if it already have topic about it), so... I think it's worth divulging here, about Driftwood, well liked by many of us, RPG Maker games developers. Maybe someone can help this person who is always divulging the...
  4. FrozenNorseman

    Unofficial discord server

    Hello boards Seeing as we apparently have no way to chat or meet up outside of these boards, I've decided to create an unofficial discord server. This server is not meant as a substitute for these boards, nor is it in any way affiliated with the RPG Maker Forums or the people behind RPG Maker...
  5. Vis_Mage

    Interest in a Community Minecraft Server?

    Hey! A couple weeks ago, Minecraft released its biggest update in a long while, the 1.13 Aquatic Update, breathing a lot of life into the game, at least for me. It really rekindled my love for the game. And so, I was curious if there was any interest in a community server, where we could all...
  6. FralKritic

    RMMV Pass It On Prototype

    Hey Guys! We have a prototype ready for a little to big community project we would like to pull off, our main goal is to help fellow developers new and advanced, learn RPG MAKER MV, build creatively explosive games with teams, and lastly publish something great, We will tell you more in our...
  7. Caitlin

    How many people in a city, village, town, or castle to be believable?

    NOTE: I was not sure where to post this, as it really isn't a thread about game mechanics, but deals with people/towns. So, if a MOD feels that this would be better elsewhere, feel free to move it. I am in the middle of making a game, animals life is easy just enough to make it seem alive...
  8. Vis_Mage

    Community Board Game Project

    Hello! :) For a while now, I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to give back to the community that has helped me so much over the years. Unfortunately, art and composing isn’t really my forte. Recently, I was playing Mario Party with my friend, and it hit me that a board game style game...
  9. Lunarea

    Learning Together

    Summer is winding down and there's a hint of autumn in the air. Students and teachers alike are celebrating the beginning of a new year of learning, and we want to celebrate with them. After all, one of the things RPG Maker and our community are known for is that they offer us an opportunity to...
  10. RPG Maker MV Community? (German)

    Hello Dear Peoples, at first, i m sorry my english isnt so good. I want to make a german rpg maker community. is it allowed? sind hier deutsche user die schreiben möchten hier? danke euch im vorfeld. gruß shrios
  11. Wind.Force

    Yoroshiku note

    Greetings everyone ! I actually had RPGMVXA for some time but I didn't really decided to make full use of it until recently. I have had experiences with Gamemaker 8.1 and studio (holding a professional studio license due to steam sales) and despite some pessimistic comments about RPGM on their...
  12. Zalerinian

    [RMMV] Online community documentation

    Online Community Documentation You've asked for it, and now it's just about here! I've spent about half of this past week building this website for the community to submit documentation on the code for others to view. Right now, everyone has the power to make a suggestion as to what the...
  13. Tome571

    Just a reminder...

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of the moderators, pros, and experts! Everyone busting their tails to get MV launch up and running. I know it is a ton of work, and I know from my own career how hectic it is on "GO LIVE" date. I just wanted to remind you all we appreciate all the extra work...
  14. Archeia

    Why RPG Maker?

    Hello everyone, we are thankful for the awesome support the community has been providing us for the past few years. If you would give me some of your time, what made you stay with RPG Maker for all these years? What particular features and community-related activities do you like? Is there...
  15. Keniisu

    Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community

     Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community  Would you want to do a video on Minecraft with me?    Well I've set up a server that I'm going to be playing with people on. I'm looking for someone who can do the following... ​Skype Chat Play Minecraft Make Commentary...
  16. KanaX

    Game Testing

    1) When is a good time to have people test my game? 2) Can I present it as an alpha since it is not near completion yet? 3) Where can I request for the testing? 4) How can I protect the game from plagiarism?
  17. Evan Finkel

    "You are not allowed to visit this community."

    Hello. This issue isn't fixed still. Whenever I visit this forum when connected to my own net, I get an issue which says; I've sent an mail to a few days ago, but still I didn't get a response. Thank you for any courtesy. PS - I posted this topic via my brother's net.
  18. Lunarea

    Now Accepting Submissions!

    Since RPG Maker's release on Steam, we have seen our community grow and thrive. Our user-base is bigger than ever, and we really enjoy seeing new faces pop in on the forums to say hello or to share their development process with us. We especially appreciate seeing all of our resource and script...
  19. Zack

    Community Spotlight

    Do you know how sad it is when you see a really phenomenal game, but it never gets popular because it's hard to find under the  piles and piles of all the other stuff? I thought it would be a really good idea to add a new portal in the homepage called "Community Spotlight" that only admins can...
  20. rtester

    [VX] The Search for Mr. Anonymous

    This link to download the game is broken does anyone have a copy so i can play it

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