compatibility issue

  1. Lex1253

    Any way to make YEP_Battle_AI/YEP_BattleCore and MOGHunter's Chrono Engine cooperate?

    I've been having a lot of trouble with these three plugins cooperating. I know Yanfly's plugins and MOGHunter's plugins don't really get along, but this is something I'm in dire need of, as it's a key mechanic in the combat system for my game. I can't do Javascript code to save my life, and I...
  2. thecursedcometh

    Compatibility Patch For Pretty Sleek Gauges and Yanfly's Battle Status Window

    When using both mjshi's Pretty Sleek Gauges and Yanfly's Battle Status Window, the HP bar is cut off for some reason. I'm assuming this is because of a script conflict. I've already tried putting one above the other and vice versa. Example: If a compatibility patch is possible, it'd be a...
  3. Robert-Character Creator

    Zoom Compatibility

    Hello! I'm using this zoom script (It's in French...), and I have it working on normal maps. However, I'm using parallax maps made with several scripts, and the script does not work correctly on these maps. Events and the player zoom in properly, but the parallax stays the same. If I provide my...
  4. Lear

    YEP Shop Menu Core not displaying <stat Plus: > stats

    Hi all. There seems to be an issue between a couple of Yanfly scripts, the YEP_ShopMenuCore being the problem giver, and YEP_BaseParamControl being what I need to work with ShopMenuCore. The issue: With BaseParamControl, you can give weapons (among other things) a tag of <x Plus: y>, where x...
  5. Dragon Brother

    Will it work, that is the question?

    Greetings RPGmaker forrums, I am hear to purpose a serious question plaguing what little remenents I have of a Mind. Will a game made on Vista with RPGM vx Ace be compatible with newer operating systems such as Win7, 8 or 10? I am eager to find out for certain and I am sure there is a...
  6. ashikai

    [SOLVED]YED_SideviewBattler Compatibility Update w/ MV 1.4+

    I've been having an issue with my battlebacks recently (see this thread) which prompted me to finally try to update my games JS files. This fixes my battleback issues (and poses no other problems) but it breaks one of the most important plugins in my game, YED_SideviewBattler. Unfortunately, I...
  7. Axyal

    Battle engine core (yanfly)+ Battle cry (mog hunter)

    Hello friends! I'm actually using a battle voice plugin, good, playing random sound (sound as voice you put in your game) for each characters. but it's working only half! why? Cause when actor take damage, the "hurt" sounds works. (that's the good part!) But when they attack, they...
  8. Uzuki

    [Ace] Kread-EX's And Fomar0153's Individual Equipment Script Compatibility Issue

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with Kread-EX's scripts working with Fomar0153's Individual Equipment Script. I have the scripts place in the right as shown here, but sometimes when I try to open the weapon menu I get this error: When I remove the Asagi Gun License script, I get a...

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