compatibility patch

  1. Restart

    Notes to Self: Little tweaks, mostly chrono engine

    Every now and then I'm using a plugin and it doesn't work quite the way I want it to, so I put in a little tweak to do what I want. Sometimes it's a bugfix, sometimes it's just changing things to be easier for me to work with. Since I'm not the only person using these plugins, I figured I'd put...
  2. kat821

    Request for a compatibility patch (for Visual Equipment script)

    I discovered RPG Maker quite recently, so reaching out to the original creator of the script probably wouldn't work, as the post with the script was written in 2012. I have two scripts that I want to work together: Composite Graphics/Visual Equipment by modern algebra and Superman Ability by...
  3. Saelorable

    Friendly hooking and unhooking of functions "BlacksmithHookManager" - v0.2.1

    BlacksmithHookManager v0.2.1 Connor "Saelorable" Macleod <> Introduction Blacksmith Plugin Manager part of the Blacksmith suite of plugin development tools. Blacksmith Hook Manager allows plugin developers to hook system functions in a compatible away, allowing multiple...
  4. Bricius

    A YEP Compatibility Patch or Similiar

    Description:  A plugin that works as a compatibility patch between Tsukihime's Override States plugin ( and Yanfly's Autopassive States ( ). Or alternatively, just a...
  5. Compatibility Patch for Galv's Movement Plugins + Rexal's Visual Equipment

    Greetings, fellow game makers, plugin makers, scripters, lurkers or whatever :P It is with sadness and frustration that I come here, after trying to tinker with the plugins myself and miserably failing dozens of times, to deliver my plea before the gods-- I mean, the scripters. There is...
  6. deathsia

    Requesting a compatibility patch for Yanfly's skill restriction script and ATB/Stamina Based Battle

    Fomar0153's ATB/stamina script Yanfly's Skill restrictions script I'm no expert scripter but based on what I can tell, these two are overwriting the same methods and it's a wonder my game hasn't flung up a script error yet because they are both installed. Basically as it stands, due to how...

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