1. kanyatanishande

    RMMV XM Music for RPGMaker MV?

    Hiya! I'm new (to the forums at least) and I was wondering if there was a plugin allowing playback of XM modules? I heard someone made a plugin for VX Ace but I use MV (which is why I'm here instead, haha). I'm working on a game and its soundtrack is NES based, and I've been considering making a...
  2. Narch

    RMMV YEP Region Events not working after a Movement Route command

    Detailed Problem: YEP Region Events is used to trigger a Common Event when the player steps on a Region Tile. When the player is moved through a Movement Route and lands on a Region Tile, the tied Common Event won't execute. I'm seeking help to investigate that problem and maybe fix it if...
  3. nintendowii111

    GALV_ManuelLevel Compatibility help!

    Hello! I'm wondering if someone could help edit GALV_ManuelLevel to make it compatible with this AdvancedMenus plugin. In GALV_ManuelLevel, a Level up button is added to the Status_scene menu. The AdvancedMenus plugin adds a back button to various menus including the Status scene. The "Back"...
  4. Vis_Mage

    SRD Summon Core - Compatibility with Yanfly and SRD Plugins

    Hey there! :kaohi: Would someone be willing to take a look at, and possibly help me out with a compatibility patch between a few of SRD's plugins? The plugins in question are SRD's Summon Core, Battle Status Customizer, and Battle Popup Customizer, and Yanfly's Core Engine. 1: For the Battle...
  5. gsuk

    compatibility between Falcoa Pearl ABS and Venka's Bestiary v1.8

    Hi all, I'm trying to use Venka's Bestiary 1.8 script ( with Falcoa's ABS system. When I use the scan ability on an enemy event (I can select the enemy on the map just fine), it doesn't get entered into the Bestiary. I assume this is...
  6. Xyonel

    free movement(not 48px compatible with yanfly plugins?

    Hello there, I'm using a lot of yanfly plugins and wondering which is the best(in order of compatibility) free movement plugin. for free movement plugin I mean a mov plug that is not bound to rpg maker grid, I'm using rpg maker MV. Thanks
  7. Accatosh

    SumRndmDde's Summon Core with Yanfly plugins

    Hello! My request is a compatibility between SumRndmDde's Summon Core and Yanfly's battle plugins. Such as: Battle Engine Core Battle System - STB Battle Status Window Battle A.I. Core Actor Auto Battle A.I. Party System Here's the full list of the plugins I use: The current problem...
  8. buddysievers

    MOG - Battle Transitions + SRD Battleback Scroll

    Hey and hello, when using plugins which animate the battlebacks the game crashes with this error message: this.snapForBattleBackground is not a function The console points to MOG's plugin where the "snapForBattleBackground" can be found. It happens with SRD's and with Yanflys scripts. Anyone...
  9. Mawichan

    FA Interactive Tools don't work.

    Hello, I'm using Falcao's FA Interactive System. The Push/Pick Up/Fall/Jump/Vision Range are working just fine. However, none of the tools work when pressing the action key. No error messages or things like that, the items just don't anything when equipped. I found that among the other scripts...
  10. Mawichan

    Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls.

    Hello there! So I'm using Yami's Battle Engine Symphony and Vlue's Paper Dolls. Paper Dolls is a visual equipment script that works by overlaying equipment sprites on top of the character sprites. I noticed that it doesn't work when the character enters the battle scene (so it just looks naked...
  11. ICF-Soft + Yanfly: Status Menu parameter display

    I unwittingly found myself posting in this thread before realizing doing so wasn't within the forum rules, but the request I have is very similar to the content there. For the project I'm working on we're using a significant portion of Yanfly's engine as the core supplemental material for a lot...
  12. blade911

    Resource Compatibility

    I am looking for you guys opinion on something, do you think that @ShadowHawkDragon shades of battler SV and Akashics librarium SV battlers will work together, as I like battlers from both sets. thanks
  13. Thordon123

    Hime Reinforcements+YEP Engine script issues

    YEP Core- Hime Enemy Reinforcements- Hime End Phase Triggers- Hi, I posted a thread recently about Hime Reinforcements but this is a...
  14. DerKIAS

    Please Help! Problem with Tsukihime's "CollisionMaps" [VXAce]

    Hey Guys, its me again...^^ I really need your help since Im literally stuck here. Im using the Freemovement script from GaryCXJk. and the "CollisionMaps" script from Tsukihime. It works really nice together but sadly there is one big issue. Whenever Im walking diagonally against an...
  15. Oscar92player

    [YEP] Save Core compatibility with Text Codes?

    Hi there! Recently, I added a plugin to my project that allows to use text codes (you know, the \c[x], \n[x]...) with the "Display name" for maps. That means that I can use colors, icons and other codes in order to customize a little more the displaying names for my maps. However, this codes...
  16. styx92

    Compatibility between Galvs Message Busts and MBS Map Zoom

    Hey there. I make it short. I use Galv message busts and the MBS Map Zoom plugin. It works pretty together without crashs or else, but if i have a message bust and at the same time i have zoomed in or out, the message bust dont geht zoomed. Than it looks so:   Ignore the black lines...
  17. Michael Caiola

    MC's VE Throwable Objects/YEP Battle Core Engine Patch

    VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch v1.02p Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Introduction Victor Sant's Throwable Objects is quite an amazing plugin that adds thrown objects like arrows, bullets, boomerangs, bombs, and shurikens to RMMV's battle...
  18. Pirate Ship Tileset Compatibility

    Hi all, My first post on the site so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.  I was looking at getting the Pirate Ship Tileset and the Khas Ultra Lighting Resource
  19. Oscar92player

    YEP Victory Aftermath + VE Battle Motions compatibility plugin?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a compatibility patch for this two plugins: YEP - Victory Aftermath VE - Battle Motions I need a compatibility patch for them because, when the battle has finished, the Victory pose for the SV actors it's bugged. It's like they are trying to perform...
  20. alaky

    Use MogHunter's Battleback_Ex in Galv's Actor Mini Duel

    Hello there guys!  I'm using Moghunter's BattleBack Ex and Galv's Actor Duel Mini Game. In normal battles the script add new layers of battlebacks with some effects, yet it doesnt work in the Duel. I think its a viewport related thing thats is causing this, since i've added a new layer of...

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