1. taistelusopuli

    Composing Competition

    First, this should be the right place to post about this but if it is not, I'd like to be corrected!  ;) So, I have been tossing this idea in my mind for a while now. This goes to all my fellow composers on this forum. I wish to conduct a competition pilot here on the RPG Maker forum for all...
  2. Ralph

    Pixel Madness 2013

    Welcome to RPG Maker Web's first single elimination spriting tournament. Sixteen spriters enter, one spriter leaves the winner. The rest take a walk. But how do you become one of the sixteen? Create a single, never before seen sprite in the VX/Ace style. The VX/Ace style is important, as the...
  3. Ksi

    Seer Dell: Dragon

      Please be advised that there is mature content in this game. Swearing and some drug/alcohol references.     Credits

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