1. Animated Title screens and alternate title screen

    So I want to make a game, but I need a way of having an animated title screen, I am already making the animation, but I need to know how I can have it in the title, I want it to look kind of like the one from the game Rain world ( or well, more like with the depth effect, but I guess I can do...
  2. Starmage

    RMMV Once Upon the Woods (One map event entry)

    Hi guys! Once Upon the Woods is my entry submission for the One Map Challenge event being held at Rpgmaker.web. :) It is a very short and simple RPG that features the story of Hansel and Gretel, an old fairy-tale that we have all heard. This game is sort of like my high-fantasy take on the...
  3. Nightblade50

    Moving a game in developement to the completed game thread?

    Hey. When my game Delta Origins is done, it will no longer be a game in development. So how would I move it to the Completed Games section?
  4. Dacuna

    Is there a way to check if EnemyBook or ItemBook is complete?

    Hello everyone, I'm making my game with multiple endings based upon what the player has collected, and one of those endings requires the EnemyBook and ItemBook (both made by sensei Yoji Ojima which I've gotten as part of the MV package) to be completed 100%. Unfortunately, I can't find a...
  5. RoooodWorks

    Finding Chibae MV

    WARNING: This game contains the following:  1. Children  2. Children killing monsters  3. Children running with sharp objects.  If you run into any bugs during game post in here and I will try to fix asap thanks   There are two downloads to this version be sure to download the right one for...
  6. Rinobi

    State Stages (Stacking States Improved)

    State Stages Stacking States Improved This script allows states to be applied in controlled stages or levels. Basically, when a state is applied multiple times to a battler, instead of resetting the state or stacking another on time of it, the state will ‘advance’ to the next predefined state...
  7. Dark Gaia

    Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness

    Introduction   Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness is a classical style fantasy cRPG set in a world on the brink of annihilation. It is the first installment in the brand new 3 part Heroes of Legionwood saga. Although it is the first episode in a trilogy of adventures, Age of Darkness can...
  8. fanfish

    Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)

    Calcu-Late (To Study Now When The Test Is Tomorrow)   (click the image for our submission)   Summary Calcu-Late is a game about a boy named james that need to participate in a godly olympics tournament as a representative for the goddes of mathematics, Seshat. The tournament will grant the...
  9. Silvestre

    Trials and Tribulations [Complete]

    Hello everyone, this is my first game ever, I have little experience with RPG maker, as a developer, but I've played quite a lot of games, and I am always happy to try something new made with this great medium. I hope you guys give the game a try and share your impressions of it here...
  10. Silvestre

    Trials and Tribulations

    Synopsis Main Characters Features Screenshots Credits You can find the game's download links with and without RTP files here.
  11. Geoff Moore

    Ready to play - Oh! Ko! (Progress Screens Added)

    Attention: The latest version includes a save function, bug fixes and a new walking animation for Ko and is available here: (press 'S' to access saves. Special thanks to Soulpour777 for the awesome Quick Save Ex script!) Hi everyone! Sorry I...
  12. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Jungle Rescue! (Download Uploaded)

    Due to time constraints and my own mad ambition I came to realise that Blue Lab just wasn't going to fit into an hour, and that it was unlikely to be anywhere near completion by the end of the month. So I took what I had and turned the prologue of the Blue Lab into it's own mini game...
  13. iKiWY

    Help With Completed Quest Map Change

    Hello There! I'm new to RPG Maker (I got it today) so I need some help: I'm making a map full of islands connected with bridges. There are about 3-4 quests per island. I don't want players running to the last island and complete a boos there, because all the quests are connected in story. So I...
  14. Kes

    Undefeated - Now on STEAM, Android

     This popular old-school RPG, made in collaboration with Aldorlea Games ( will see a Steam release on Friday (April 3rd, 2015) - with a special 15% discount for a week. This release marks a milestone for Aldorlea Games as it is...
  15. Bonkers

    Silver Town (Final Version)

                Silver Town will be a non commercial game.  It started as an adaptation of a home brew Dungeons and Dragons campaign using RPG Maker VX/Ace, and quickly grew into it's own story.   Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Comedic, Parody       This save is for people with XP machines who...
  16. Redweaver

    Tutorial Town full release

      A classic fantasy turn-based RPG created on video Full Installer Package DOWNLOAD LINK If you have the VX Ace RTP or editor already installed LITE VERSION WITHOUT RTP NOW AVAILABLE ON THE STEAM WORKSHOP! Hello, friends...
  17. CrimsonKunoichi

    She: Chapter 1: The Endless Nightmare. (Complete)

    CHAPTER 1: THE ENDLESS NIGHTMARE. **She: CHAPTER 1: THE ENDLESS NIGHTMARE.** (Please note that this game is a nod to games such as Haunting Ground, Clock Tower and Project Zero. We've taken influences from these games to try and deliver a good little fan game of them. Thank you.) "and...
  18. Complete A before B triggers.

    Hello! First time user with RPGM VX Ace. I've been following some tutorials on how to create a game with VX Ace, and i've done some pretty cool stuff in my game so far, but i've stumbled upon a problem now that I can't figure out. First off, it's an horror game, so no quest journals or any...
  19. Lustermx

    Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate 12 Hour+ Complete RPG

    Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate is an indie role-playing game developed by LusterMX for the RPG fan community. It provides a unique experience unlike other RPGs in the community and has been made to provide the most complete and fulfilling downloadable gameplay experiences players can enjoy.  One of...
  20. Indrah

    The Grumpy Knight (and the crisis in Helena's Kingdom)

      Elsa, a Death Knight working in the mainland, returns home to Helena's Kingdom to "save" it from monsters...But all is not as it seems. For one, the monsters don't attack people; they just make themselves a nuisance. And they will only fight females. Join Elsa as she sets out to defeat all...

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