1. Indrah

    Dead Moon Night

    Once every few centuries, a special night arrives: the Dead Moon. Without fail, creatures from the Netherworld will attempt to travel to the world of the living to carry out their nefarious plans under the moon's sinister glow. Morten is one of such dark creatures. However, the spell...
  2. PixelLuchi

    Enelysion: Vol I+II released.

  3. Indrah

    The end of the Witch of Lorven

    The end of the Witch of Lorven After years of struggle, the church has caught the evil Witch of Lorven. This is her fate. ----------- A 5-10 minutes long (depending on reading speed) game movie depicting the end of the Witch of Lorven. Any other details would be serious spoilers. While...

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Kitchen counters! I am on my second version of counters. It is slow going and I always see little details that could be done better. Have to force myself to say that's good enough for now and continue on.
I always thought I was just really, really bad at communication, then the internet proceeds to say "lol no".
Almost 100,000 Threads! We should make a celebration. Make a 100K logo? :p
Cursed problem: Multiple language switches. Say, you want to switch to EN language from JP but you have no idea where the language switch in JP menu language.
Tonight I'm finally going to start putting the dungeons my team has made on grid paper into the engine. That's the final step of making the game world.

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