1. KakonComp

    RMMV [One Map Challenge Game] Demur

    What is Demur? The word Demur, meaning doubt, plays a pivotal role throughout the game. Maria, one of three survivors living in a world completely void of humans save for them, suddenly hears the cries of a child. Rushing away from safety, and ahead of both Aaron and Karin, Maria eventually not...
  2. Starmage

    RMMV Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

    Features: - 3-4 hours of gameplay - Colorful cast of characters - Engaging and fun turn-based strategy battles with a special stack system that affects your skills' abilites. - A stat distribution system that allows you to customize your party members' stats. - Playable characters that offers...
  3. boyflea

    RMVXA Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff

    SUPER DUNGEON MASTER: Quest for the Firestaff! v2.0 NOW RELEASED! A top-down remake of the 1987 FTL classic Dungeon Master., complete with all 24 original characters – and bonus areas! Lovingly remade in VXAce, featuring original artwork and a host of wonderful music, it can be breezed through...
  4. Wavelength

    Finding Non-Default Animations

    Are there any complete Animations out there on the web or elsewhere which people can download and copy into a project?  I have lots of skills in my game, I'm not particularly talented at creating animations from scratch, and it feels pretty dull to use "Fire One 1" for four different skills. ;)...
  5. Kes

    A Timely Intervention - now out on STEAM

    “Those who control the present, control the past. And those who control the past control the future.” That’s what they say, anyway, but maybe they are wrong. Who knows? If you were able to go back in time and take the risk of changing everything you know, would you do it? “A Timely...
  6. Roseredpinball

    Where is my completed game I posted in completed games?

    Sorry, I have no idea where I should put this. Please, moderators, move this to the correct forum. Thank you. A couple days ago I posted a forum topic in Completed Games with a description and a link to mediafire, where my game can be downloaded. It was only after I clicked post that I realized...
  7. extravaluemenu

    The Age of Deliverance

    Almost two years have passed since God put an end to humanity, but one man seems to have avoided the apocalypse by locking himself into his house in the woods. Safe at home while society collapsed around him, he has lived a quiet, routine, and peaceful life on his own. But all good things must...
  8. Wyrelade


    Script version 2.0. What does the script do?: This script will add additional splash screen(s) before the main title screen. You can have it display 1 or 2 images (even more is possible if you wish). You can also play Sound Effect along with the splash screen. Screenshots: Not neccesary...
  9. Ultimacj

    The average time of an RPG/games in general game completed...your thoughts?

    I recently completed my project which is under going testing from several beta testers prior to releasing and it got me thinking.  One of the aspects I wanted to know what their average time was completing the game (aside from the bonus content let's say for purposes of discussion straight up...

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