1. RMMV Change event image by it's name from common event (solved)

    So I want to change a map event's image by referencing only its name from a common event. So, I could change the event image of a character 'Carl' to be an image of a bloodstain, for example. I found this code: "$gameMap._events.filter(function(event) { return event.event().name === 'EV001'...
  2. Faye Valentine

    Maps: Simple VS. Complex

    "The necessity for complexity in maps has born from the lack of resources that RTP gives, failing to fulfill aesthetic expectatives of said maps." Okay. After something happened to me, which left me questioning myself in a lot of aspects, I decided to bring up this discussion here. And so, I'll...
  3. Soryuju

    Controlling Combat Complexity

    "Simple but deep" is a common paradigm of good combat systems in RPGs. We want mechanics which afford players plenty of opportunities to make meaningful decisions, but we don't want to overwhelm them with heaps of different rules to memorize, especially early on. (This applies to the...
  4. Robert-Character Creator

    Does my complex puzzle make sense? [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    Hi. I haven't posted on here in a while, due to my last mention of this puzzle being ignored- but you're not here for that mess. In my game, I have partially created a fairly complex and difficult puzzle. It takes place in this room. The player, upon entering the room, would walk to the end...
  5. Maximus32

    A Battle Extension - Creating Complex Actions

    Hello! So, this isn't necessarily a concise "script", but it is related to scripting, so I thought it would be appropriate to place here. Basically, it's a method I devised for creating battler actions that reference many variables or perform complex actions. I came up with this because it was...
  6. Chimichan54

    I need a complicated pokemon script, help?

    I'm very new at making RPGs and I really, really wanted to make a pokemon game. The version of RPG Maker I have does not have any scripts to make a game like Pokemon, so I came here. Before I get to the request, I guess it would be important for you to know about the game, but if you're not...

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