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  1. Bit By Bit Sound

    SERVICE Bard looking to join a party

    Hey everyone! I'm a composer looking to join a team. I've worked on about 17 different games, and while I will work in any game genre, my specialty is JRPGs. Here are some samples of some 16 bit tunes I made in action: You can check out the rest of my portfolio for more samples and...
  2. CT1986

    Retro Video Game Metalhead on board!

    Hi there, dudes and dudettes! My name's Cristian Truță, I'm from the south-eastern Buzău county of Romania (that's in Europe and it's a 2nd world country... just sayin'), I'm a retrogamer since the early '90s (still playing the classic NES) and I'm 32 y/o now. Good ol' 8-bit NES chiptunes got...
  3. jswatson

    Composer showing some work!

    Hey I have just joined and can't wait to be apart of this community! I have worked on a fair few games and always looking to branch out and work with new people! On my site I have lots of music including orchestral to electronic! Let me know if this kind of...
  4. DestinyBattle

    SERVICE Composer Offer

    -Description- I am a composer that just wants to help in anyway I can to further support on your game. I have been composing music for 2 (getting close to 3) years. I specialize in RPG soundtracks, but I can compose for any genre of video game, you want to create. PLEASE NOTE: I am in exam...

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