1. hii!

    hiya! im rosetinteddreams! im a composer, i make orchestral music. my specialty is music that's calming, nice to have in the background, like town themes and healing songs and so on! people have also said my music fits well in strategy games and stuff. i was pointed towards rpgmakerweb by...
  2. Finnuval

    RMMZ [Touch The Stars] Looking for Composer

    Hey there everyone :) So I decided to enter this gamejam for a change and progress on my little game is going nicely. However the one thing I am sorely lacking is good music and some soundbites. Synopsis : As it is an entry into the gamejam i'm not going to give to much away but this is the...
  3. Bit By Bit Sound

    Bert's Music

    Hey everyone, thought I would start a thread to share some of the music I've done over the years. Here is a nice little mish mash playlist just to kick things off. I'll update this thread here and there as I have tons more stuff to share. Let me know whatchu guys think. Enjoy!
  4. Bit By Bit Sound

    SERVICE Bard looking to join a party

    Hey everyone! I'm a composer looking to join a team. I've worked on about 17 different games, and while I will work in any game genre, my specialty is JRPGs. Here are some samples of some 16 bit tunes I made in action: You can check out the rest of my portfolio for more samples and...
  5. SoundsByDane

    Hey Guys

    What's up guys? my name is Dane and I am a composer and sound designer. I have experience with RMMV and look forward to working with you guys here. If you're interested my website is
  6. Larry Jones

    [Closed] Music Workshop - Larry Jones

    Hey guys, This workshop is currently closed! Here is some of the music that I've made for people in the past. Thanks, Larry Jones
  7. Quoteman

    FREE I need a Composer!!!

    I'm Making my first Passion Project in RPG maker 2K3,its called "Guilt Trip" its a /visual novel/RPG its based off "Ace Attorney"and "Chrono Trigger". The game is about a 19 year old teenager named Henry Drago and his career as a attorney, and his lovely secretary Helen Law,here are some...
  8. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    FREE In Desperate Need Of A Composer

    Hey it's me Kumori, I've always dreamed of having an original score for a game I've developed. I'm not very musically inclined so I'm looking for a composer. If your interested in the job and don't really care to hear about the game's history skip to the section labeled 3. So here's a little...
  9. Doechano

    FREE please delete

    please delete
  10. EmptyVoid_

    FREE EndVoid_ [MV] Recruiting Now! (Looking For Artists / Tileset Artists)

    ✨ EndVoid_ ✨ (Welcome to EndVoid_ a project that is currently in need of Artists & a Composer) Engine: RPG Maker MV Inspiration: Nexpo's Channel, Life is Strange, Earthbound, OFF, Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass. Available Roles for those Interested Voice Actor - Little Boy (I'll explain the role...
  11. CT1986

    Retro Video Game Metalhead on board!

    Hi there, dudes and dudettes! My name's Cristian Truță, I'm from the south-eastern Buzău county of Romania (that's in Europe and it's a 2nd world country... just sayin'), I'm a retrogamer since the early '90s (still playing the classic NES) and I'm 32 y/o now. Good ol' 8-bit NES chiptunes got...
  12. Frain

    FREE WHITEOUT - Composer needed [FOUND]

    EDIT: Due to finding the composer, the thread is closed. I'm not looking for composer anymore.
  13. RZ-Music

    Can I get some feed back on this music?

    Hi there I am looking for some feed back on my music. I am a composer who makes different types of themes. Would love to hear what you guys think of it? Have a great day
  14. Geoff Moore

    ♪♫ Geoff's Game Music Corner ♫♪

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure why I've never made a thread in this subforum since these boards are where I got started making game music, but there's no time like the present! I'll be posting some music from RPGs and other games, and some made just for fun. Let's start with a recent Chrono-Trigger...
  15. DarkRaaven

    FREE Polyvalent composer looking to get more experience

    Hi, My name is Gregory Belos, I’m a 20 years old student in musicology. I have been composing for more than 2 years and can do sound design. I have already work on multiple project like Eldritch Arcana and Vearo, 2 upcoming games As far as my composing goes I do mainly fantasy style stuff but...
  16. Finnuval

    Need (digital) artist's help...

    Hi there, I made this crude, conceptual painting of what will become the title screen for my project... I know need someone to make a REAL picture from it :blush: The picture itself is a desert landscape with the main character looking into the distance. Any art-style will probably do as...
  17. Schematist

    Game of Tones Ep 2 Composing Mystical/Ancient Music

    In this tutorial, I will show how anyone with a digital audio workstation can create Mystical/Ancient RPG music with a few essential tools. For the purpose of this video I will be using FL Studio, but this can work in any digital audio workstation. Tools: FL Studio 12, Zebra 2 (Synths)...
  18. Schematist

    Game of Tones EP:1 Composing Sad VGM

    In this tutorial, I will show how anyone with a digital audio workstation can create music downbeat/sad music with a few essential tools. For the purpose of this video I will be using FL Studio, but this can work in any digital audio workstation. This video may run a little long, but it is a...
  19. zebby

    Zebby's Soundtrack Corner

    Hey-o! Zebestian here with some music to share! I've been composing for a little over four years now and I wanna show you what I've made so far and what I'm capable of. I'm also planning on making these available as resources at some point later on. I'll make sure to let you know and post...
  20. Kato-A

    FREE I'm looking for a music composer for a horror game

    Required Engine: Rpg Mv Synopsis: Kato is a spoiled, optimistic and a little egocentric guy who wakes up in a hospital one night without being able to remember what happened to him. When he goes out to investigate he realizes that the hospital is abandoned and something there will not let him...

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