1. jswatson

    Composer showing some work!

    Hey I have just joined and can't wait to be apart of this community! I have worked on a fair few games and always looking to branch out and work with new people! On my site I have lots of music including orchestral to electronic! Let me know if this kind of...
  2. Schematist

    How to Compose like Shoji Meguro/Persona

    In this tutorial, I will show how anyone with a digital audio workstation can create music similar to the Persona series with a few essential tools. For the purpose of this video I will be using FL Studio, but this can work in any digital audio workstation. This video may run a little long...
  3. JonathanKaz

    SERVICE Hi, i'm Jonathan Kaz, a video game composer.

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Kaz, i’m a video game composer student of Music College Fermatta, in Guadajalara Mexico. I’ve worked with people before on the indie game Carpe Diem: Reboot (will be released on autumn this year) and a lot of unfinished projects who unfortunately never saw the light...
  4. Kaimen

    Kaimen's Music Box~

    Hello there and welcome to my little box of music! Some of you may actually know me already and yes, I did have another thread in here before. However, I was so sloppy at updating it and keeping it nice that I decided to basically nuke it and start over with a new, better-looking topic. So here...
  5. Lerbert

    FREE Composer For Game

    I am a composer who has been composing for games for over a year. I really enjoy doing it and I always enjoy furthering my skills so I am offering individual songs for free. Here are examples of my newest tracks: (I specialize in kinda jazzy stuff but i'm flexible) And Here is my sound...
  6. The Mighty Palm

    TRADE ARA needs YOU! (recruiting help)

    Hi, I'm Jesse, or as you know me here: The Mighty Palm. And this is my project, ARA. Ara started as some silly game idea thought up by a 12 year old, who asked his older brother (that's me) to make it. Soon it evolved into a serious project, which I have already put quite a bit of money and...
  7. DestinyBattle

    SERVICE Composer Offer

    -Description- I am a composer that just wants to help in anyway I can to further support on your game. I have been composing music for 2 (getting close to 3) years. I specialize in RPG soundtracks, but I can compose for any genre of video game, you want to create. PLEASE NOTE: I am in exam...
  8. Shade_Hunter


    *Royalty Free Music Thread Moved to here:
  9. sleepingforestj

    Hello, I am SFJ, a YouTube musician

    Hey guys! Introducing myself here, I am a distinguished composer looking to collaborate on some projects with talented people. I have a large portfolio of quality work, with lots of game experience. Hit me up if you're in need of a musician and we can work something out~ Portfolio: ►YouTube...
  10. AnthonyBannachMusic

    New Composer for Projects/Saying Hello!

    Hey everybody I'm Anthony Bannach!  I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Music Composition, and now I'm trying to get a freelance career started while I teach English in Shanghai area as a day job until I get more momentum with this career. I've already scored a feature length film called The...
  11. Annali

    I'm planning to create rpg maker game and I need a composer

    So I wanna create an rpg maker game and I need a composer, I can't pay money, but he/she will be on the credits! I need horror music, and melodic music: something peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for your interest!
  12. Camerovski

    Want Music for Your Game?

         Hi, I'm a college student who has plenty of free time and wants to follow through on his interest in making music. I'm more than willing to make music for your projects for free, though I would definitely prefer to work on a project that at least has some concept art and a good amount of...
  13. PedroVGM

    I am new (VGM composer) here!

    Hello everyone just wanted to say hi and hope we can talk about RPG stuff and their music if you wish. My name is Pedro and I am pleased to meet you. Thanks for accepting me have a nice gaming :D  
  14. 6down

    Salu-snappin'-tations, Folks!

    Hey all, 6↓ here, green composer looking to spin up some songs for a few of you creative cats. Take a listen if you like. Not much yet, but I'm keen on learning new styles, improving and expanding. Hit me up if you've got specific musical needs.  Environments, cutscenes, characters in...
  15. Gaiaman77

    Need a free composer?

    *EDIT* I am now working on a title, but please feel free to view this as a portfolio. Hi! ^_^ I've joined the forums after remembering the joys of using RPG Maker 2K and remembering all the fun I had making games on that platform. I dont make self dev games anymore but I have been longing...
  16. Scythuz

    6 Common mistakes that Music Composers make!

    6 Common mistakes that Music Composers make! Hello there everyone!  I’ve been seeing a lot of new composers popping up lately, which is always great to see!  The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be much information available for them on how to compose on this site. So, I figured I’d take a...
  17. That Bread

    What should a new composer use?

    I decided to get into game music/composing. It's always been a great inspiration source and I would love to create my own tracks! With music I can create better atmosphere and more immersion into the games I create, it would be a great asset to learn. But I have no idea where to go or where...
  18. Looking for a startup team for Machine and Magic, tactical RPG

    Machine and Magic is a story that has been in the works since 2012, and I've been writing the novel since mid 2014. I figured it would be an interesting change of pace to turn Machine and Magic into an RPG. STORY The year is 326, of the Ninth Era, and the continent of Alnora is reeling from...
  19. Secret Machines

    New Composer - Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Andrew and I'm a composer and RPG fan.  I actually started long ago with RPG Maker on Playstation and then worked with XP for a bit.  I recently worked with a ported MAC version of XP for a project.  Anyway I love to write music,  Here are some links to my tracks: Lost Island...
  20. Josephcow

    Free custom music

    Hi, my name is Joseph, I am a composer who does not have a project right now and I would like to have some experience working on something again. I would be willing to help you out with your game if needed. I mostly compose orchestral music. here is my...

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