1. holydeva

    Immortal Souls, requiers Artist and Composer

    Hi my name is George and I am the leader of a small team, we are currently working on a non-commercial game called Immortal Souls and we are in need of an Artist (primarily) and a composer (secondary). We already have an artist but she focuses her efforts on creating images with the...
  2. Looking for a composer to help with demo

    Hi, I am working on a VERY modest demo of a game at the moment and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help out on the music side of things. I am a semi-decent composer myself but I feel that someone else could most likely do better. If you are interested (and your skill level exceeds...
  3. Jose Moreno

    "Corentin and Laisa", liste my new music work

    I uploaded new music to my youtube channel. This music was part of my semester in the university, I hope you enjoy,
  4. Kaimen

    So guys... I'm a composer! :)

    Download my music pack here. Contains 45 tracks for instant use in any RPG Maker engine. Oh man... It's always a hassle when I newly enter a forum and I'm making my personal music thread because, well, there are a lot of f'ing tunes I've made thus far and I want to share all of them with you...
  5. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...
  6. Schematist

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme using FL Studio for Beginners.
  7. Keniisu

    Octanis [Recruitment]

    The Recruitment Thread What is this project? Well where do we start? Our main protagonist, Zunos has been always a man of trouble. Everywhere he went he had brought chaos and disruption in his path. Though recently he has decided to go under hiding, and with the gold he had earned from his...
  8. TMS

    Question for Composers

    Not sure if this is the right board for this, but it's something I've been wondering about for a while. I would think that when someone requests/commissions a BGM from a composer, they sometimes point the composer toward an existing song that they want the composition to sound like, and I'd...
  9. A team needed!

    Hello everybody I am Dragon! I am here to make a team for my game 'The Black Morning' I not have the story but... The black morning is the story of a boy name 'Akzab' who was the prince of 'Hukun' but nowadays he is Adventurer.He like to adventure here and there unfortunately his ship crash...
  10. BlackRoseMii

    "House of cards" is looking for some people to help!

    I put my main project away for now and started a new small one. It's supposed to be released for Halloween, so it's Mystery/Crime game. (I can't make Horror Oo) Anyway, read the details below: House of cards (name will probably change) Plot: What I'm looking for: - Mapper: Just for a single...
  11. ragnorak6608

    [Of Destiny and Fate] Recruiting members for work on ongoing project.

    I am currently looking for Artists for concept art and replace RTP Sprites and Enemies (I'm looking to more closely match the descriptions from my story) Composers for the game (includes themes, and ambience) Level Designer to better construct towns and dungeons. (I'm looking to add more...
  12. Nick van Kleef

    Nick van Kleef - Creating music and sound for your games

    Dear Game Designers and RPG Makers,  My name is Nick van Kleef and I am a music composer and sound designer. I currently study Music and Sound Composition for Adaptive Systems at the HKU in the Netherlands.  I love game audio and would like to work with you on projects you want to share! I...
  13. Mystic Tales

    Mystic Tales!story/czvv  What is Mystic Tales? A proposed game that I have been dreaming to create since I was a kid.  I am 24 years old now and I am now looking to recruit members to form a team to make this game/story and reality.   The...
  14. Schematist

    How to Create an RPG Town Theme

    Hey all! I created another instructional video on how to build an RPG Town Theme. Hopefully this can appeal to beginners who want to get into game audio
  15. Schematist

    Schematist Game Audio/ RPG Vault

    Hello all! I am new to this forum, but I thought it would be a great idea to introduce myself!  my name is Calbert Warner and I am an inspiring Videogame composer.  I come from somewhat of a classical background since I have played the piano for about four years. I am a huge Nobuo Uematsu Fan as...
  16. Josephcow

    Free Custom-written Music

    Commissions halted periodically! Feel free to message me with info about projects, advice, or anything, though! I am a non-professional composer but am looking for a project to write music for. I can write music for any genre and am willing to work on it for free. If you are looking for music...
  17. taistelusopuli

    A Composer Is Looking for Requests!

    G'day! The name is Markus Lappalainen and I am a Finnish composer. Since the beginning of 2014 I have pursued a professional career in music composition. Please refer to the latest post for current up-dates. Godspeed!
  18. Happy

    Another RM Old-timer here!

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking around here for a while, but I've been thinking I should get more active with posting, and I thought introducing myself would be a good start! Now what's to tell about myself? Well, I'm finnish and in case my english seems a bit funny at times I'll blame it on it...
  19. DesperateMeasurez

    Music By Darren (DesperateMeasurez)

    Hello everyone! My name is Darren Curtis and I'm a musician/composer. I grew up playing many different RPGs from the SNES and early Playstation era. Ever since I can remember, the music to those games drew me in and never seemed to let go. Now, I've come full circle and am making my own music...
  20. Looking for Artists and a Composer

    Quick Edit: I am looking for a composer too. Inquire within PM Or below. Hi there. I'm looking for two artists. One for concept design (Preferrably both Creature/monster and scenery) and one for pixel art (Spriting, icons etc). I work at a very relaxed rate, with my writer and web artist (I...

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