compress game data

  1. nekuzx

    Sound Effect bug when compressing game data.

    Testing around I tried compressing the game data of my game just to see how it works. While playing the compressed version I noticed that some of my custom sound effects in combat got replaced with default sound effects. After digging a bit to figure out the problem, I discovered that the sound...
  2. MushReen

    Reducing Game's Size by Compressing?

    Hello! I'm on a strict deadline (again) due to my pushy client. They wants an RPG game with low size which is suitable for android games. I did completed the project, but when it comes to sending the file, they rejected it because of the size (which is too big for them). I tried to delete some...
  3. Tninja1337

    Problems Compressing Game Data (Possible RTP Problem)

    Hello fellow Game Makers! I'm in the final phase of creating my game, and trying to send it to a friend so he can play it. Unfortunately, we got an error on Script line 106 as soon as some custom materials came up. The problem is that when I compress game data, it is not including anything I...
  4. 02Aya

    Further game data compression?

    Hello, everyone, I would like some help/advice please >< My first completed rpg game was a visual novel, it had voice acting, screenshot scenes of 3d models used, and it ended with a video. I was learning as I made it, so only about halfway through did I think to render the screenshots into...
  5. My Game Over screen and music are returned to default after compressing game data

    I have made a small game, and I changed the Game Over music and image. Howver, after I compress game data and I send the copy to a friend, he tells me that the game over screen are the defaults. What would cause this?
  6. Heirukichi

    Issue after compressing game data

    Hello everyone, I am experimenting a strange issue...after compressing game data using the appropriate function (File -> Compress Game Data -> Select Path -> OK) and creating the .exe with game data, I cannot run that .exe to extract the game folder. What I get is absolutely no error message...
  7. VX Ace Lite to Full Upgrade & "Compress Game Data"...

    Howdy folks, I recently finished working on a project in VX Ace Lite, and then got a copy of VX Ace via Steam; I wanted to be able to create an encrypted archive when distributing my game. However, when I opened up my project in VX Ace and compressed the game data, the output file I got was a...

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