concept art

  1. L.W. Flouisa

    SERVICE Writer And Artist

    Who I am: I'm an artificial intelligence developer, although I'm not sure if my scripts would actually translate to RGSS real well. ( I'm saving Javascript for InMoov.) What I'm offering: Is anyone looking for writer and concept artist? What I write: Dystopian Fiction, Cyberpunk Fiction...
  2. WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop [Slots 0/1]

    Welcome to "WrittenDusk's Character Design Assistance Workshop" Artist's Introduction: I'm a self proclaimed artist working towards improving and making myself known. I draw original art and fan art on a semi regular basis. Procrastination and skill limitations prevent me from releasing more...
  3. Finnuval

    My Conceptual Art

    Well art might be a bit too much haha but I had this idea of Bosses inspired by the Zodiac and thought it would be nice to show them off here :) These are just conceptual sketches but I do kinda like 'm myself so I hope you guys enjoy them too. UPDATE : I inked the first 3 (Cancer, Aquarius...
  4. Puruiro

    Puru's Artworks

    Hello everyone, here I'll gonna share my art :kaohi: Thanks for looking! :kaoluv:
  5. Eliel Micmás

    Eliel's Art Gallery

    ELIEL'S ARTWORKS 'Cause I love big titles written in cool typesets. Hello! I'm Eliel Micmás, a traditional artist mainly working with personal concept art and character design. I guess it wouldn't hurt to share some of my drawings here, so here we goooooo! *Mario voice deactivated*
  6. Jskonta79

    Concept for a few bosses for my game.

    I'm not the best artist lol, what do you guys think? From Top to Bottom: What they have all in common is the fact that the White Dragon has been recruiting young people in Japan, along with other areas to build up an empire of their own after taking over Japan. The virus that was created...
  7. jwhitnee

    Character Artist: JWhitney

    Hello! I am a senior art student studying illustration and concentrating in game art. I specialize in character art and character design. Whether you need me to design a character for your project, or just create illustrations for your preexisting ones, I can help with your character art needs...
  8. ToastGoblin

    Need Concept Art For Pixel-Z

    Hey! We were recruiting for our dev team, but things are being kind of slow, so we wanted to get a concept art(ist) to speed things up. So here is a Q&A style information sheet: Q:  What is Pixel-Z? A: PIxel Z is an open world zombie survival game being developed in RPG maker XP or Ace...
  9. Azurecyan

    Azurecyan's Artwork

    Here's some artwork by me. The recent sketches are from this year and concept art for something else I'm working on. I have a painting or two in here as well :) *Finally got a drawing tablet!!! I still have alot to learn and hopefully go to art college soon. ...anyways, enjoy some...
  10. 5:Day:Summer

      Introduction: Hello, and thank you for visiting the 5:Day:Summer (5DS) project thread, where I do my best to keep all of the information for this game and its development up to date.   5DS is a game developed over 33 days between the afternoon of May 29th, and the late afternoon of July...

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