1. TheUnsaid

    RMMV Kaien

    So... I got bored after being gifted RPG Maker MV I've been messing around the engine for like 5 days now. Like wow, the rabbit hole is deep. I'm super grateful for @Yanfly , and all you other plugin makers. Seriously, you guys are amazing. Ah anyways, here's my RPG Maker idea. It's on itch...
  2. Milennin

    Class idea: Adept

    Something I've been toying with in a test project was the idea of a unique class whose gimmick is that they get a randomised skill set at the start of every turn, based on the current combat situation. This means that their turn-to-turn skill set is quite small, but since their skills are picked...
  3. Azmor

    Azmor's Planetary Workshop

    Hey-ho, welcome to my "Planetary Workshop". So what's this all about you ask? Well, you propably can guess: It's all about planets! Have you ever imagined your world map on a sphere, floating around in space, followed up by different planets you thought of and you would really like to make this...
  4. Puruiro

    Puru's Artworks

    Hello everyone, here I'll gonna share my art :kaohi: Thanks for looking! :kaoluv:
  5. Aphrael_Amarantha

    RMMV ONYX|LEGACY game concept!

    Hello everyone! I have been wanting to make an rpg kind of like the old Final Fantasy games (before 7 mainly). I came up with an idea and now I'm just sharing it here to see some reactions, feedback, whatever. It is quite early of course; hence why I am posting here since I am not in full...
  6. SirLudicrous

    Damage over Time?

    Can somebody tell me how I can make damage over time? I´ve created a fire spell that is supposed to ignite the target. I want it to take damage each turn until the ignite wears off. I went ahead and created a state called "ignited" but I can´t seem to find any traits that simply deal damage...
  7. SirLudicrous

    Concepts for (sub-)class choices as the main character (and companions)

    Hi everyone! While tinkering around with my first project and thinking about different concepts, I realized that I need to do something about the classes you can have yourself and in the party. So the first thing I came up with was this: The main character stays "hero" and gets access to all...
  8. SefirosuKuraodo

    Is This Shield State Concept Possible?

    State-affecting plugins I'm using: Yanfly's Buffs & States Core, HIME's State Change Animations, & Sumrndmdde's State Popups. There's a state I'd like to apply to a battler that would nullify/block the damage from a certain among of attacks. For example, you apply this defensive state, we'll...
  9. spritemight

    Sprite Might - Sketches

    Welcome to Sprite Might Sketches! I thought it would be fun to share some of my fan art and design sketches with you all! I hope you enjoy! (If I find a sketch I would like to share I'll just update the category at a later date!) Character Sketches Clothing Sketches Prop/Item Sketches...
  10. Ultima01

    Battle System Concept - Press Time System

    I have no idea if this is where I would post something like this, but here we go.  Please move it if there is a better place for it. So I had a potentially-awesome, yet also potentially-stupid idea of combining the following battle system concepts: Press Turn System (circa Shin Megami...
  11. Damaris

    JRPG, Character Balance Sheet Concept

    Concept Sheet:   So I'm about to start digging into the mechanical development of characters in my game, and started thinking about how to balance them. I created the above chart in an attempt to make it clear to myself how the balancing in my game (Specifically between...
  12. Fictionary88

    Alpha 0.1 (Perspective: A Story of Class)

    Fair Warning! The following game has religious themes. If you don't like the idea of interacting with the GOD of this fantasy world, please leave. This game also covers homosexuality, racism, and gender inequality. If THAT makes you uncomfortable, please leave...
  13. Fictionary88

    Perspective: A Story of Class

    So. I've finally finished the demo for my first ever RPG Maker game. Admittedly there's not much to it for now. Just a cast of characters, some narration here and there, a basic idea of how the game starts before you select your character. Fair Warning The following game has religious...
  14. Verador

    Looking for some concept art

    Hello, I would like to request some concept art to be drawn of some characters. Resource Type: Concept Art Maker Format: VX,Ace,MV Art Style:  Fantasy with Anime style to it. Description: I am looking for an artist to draw some concept images of my main characters. If someone is...
  15. Jonforum

    Alpha 0.1 concept [dice game isometric]

    Hello friends. What do you think of this project. I developed the idea of an isometric game, turn per turn. The player has dice to move on an isometric map. These the turn per turn, but the idea is to allow the player to think about the dice used and resources to advance in the game. No...
  16. ToastGoblin

    Need Concept Art For Pixel-Z

    Hey! We were recruiting for our dev team, but things are being kind of slow, so we wanted to get a concept art(ist) to speed things up. So here is a Q&A style information sheet: Q:  What is Pixel-Z? A: PIxel Z is an open world zombie survival game being developed in RPG maker XP or Ace...
  17. Opinion on my in-use HP Damage Split concept?

    Using the spell Blood Bond, you can take half of supposed damage dealt to an ally, unless the split damage would still kill the target. This spell can be used in a way, where, say, a character with higher HP can help their squishy ally survive longer. Using the spell Blood Pact, you can have an...
  18. Bonkers

    Palladinthug's Game Making Tips

    Dialogue Say it with me now.  Change is good, and empowers you.  No amount of work and investment of time is wasted when it broadens your experience with media and allows you to think  outside of your comfort zone.  It's this zone that will make you seem lazy to others, when in fact you're...
  19. Bonkers

    Dialogue Workshop

    Not the usual workshop you'd expect where graphics, music, and physical resources exist. This is more the unspoken word, and heart of game dev where we explore concepts, scenes, dialogue, and everything between the pretty graphics and musics of the finished project. Being here means taking...
  20. nio kasgami

    Explain your character concept!

    Hi People! lets explain your character concept because...your character not born in magic to! you needed some reference and such for create the character you love so much! so for help to understand how to build that let me present my character Leandre Haa people will think I just take...

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